Running CB6 on iMac with MP slave

Hi All,

I have a 2006 MP which i swapped out the original CPU’s for a pair of X5365 quad cores which in effect give me a ‘8’ core mac. I then installed 14gb of RAM for the 64 bit revolution.

However, i’d like to now look into getting a new imac and have that run Cubase etc. but have the MP as the slave for the sample libraries. I’m hoping this is possible and would appreciate any advice in the regard.

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Aloha S,
This would most likely be a "VST System Link’ situation.
(chap 3/pg 25 op manual)

Keep in mind if you go this route
1-you will need dongles for each machine.
2-your new iMac will have either thunderbolt or
FW 800 or USB 2 connections only
(not sure what the old MP has for connection)

All this being said; it should work. Good luck.

Ahh cool so it would be possible.

You mention two dangles, would that also mean two licence codes?

I’ll check my telephone book of a manual for the VST bridge set up. The MP has FW 800 & 400, 8 Gbit ethernet connections so i should be ok there. Silly question but how would the audio from both machines be handled? I have a fireface 800 which currently connects to the MP via FW800, but if i introduce a iMac then would the audio data be sent to the iMac via ethernet cable? Apologies as i have no idea how this would al work together.



It means two System link capable hosts, not necessarily two dongles

Via digital audio connections on both machines. All that is explained in the manual

Please forgive my typo ‘dangles’ :wink:

Thank you for the reply, i shall make a flask of tea and sit down with the manual!