Running Cubase 10 on Mac Pro and Windows Laptop

I’m currently running Cubase 10 on a Mac Pro. My recording studio is in a separate (but very close) building from my piano. Up to now I’ve been running 50’ cables to the piano to occasionally record the piano using Cubase on the Mac! I plan to record the piano regularly, so the current method is no longer practical (especially during rainy season).

Can I download a free copy of Cubase for Windows and install it on my laptop and go back and forth between the Mac Pro and the Windows laptop and toggle authorization between them using Mac Pro’s dongle? All help is appreciated!

I have Pro 10 running on both Mac and Windows systems - just download from your “My Steinberg” account. You will need to move the dongle between each computer as you state.

Thanks Dave! Just curious, what kind of interface do you use for attaching mics to the laptop?