Running Cubase 12 and Photoshop on a Windows Machine

Hi - I have a new PC (Windows 11 Home) and I’d like to run Cubase 12 Pro as well as Photoshop / Lightroom under the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan on the same PC.

Does anyone have experience of doing this and have any hints / tips on how to make it all work smoothly please? The new PC has a 2TB SSD and a 2TB HHD, by the way.

Very grateful for all advice.

Many thanks,

Hello, I don’ think you should really have to do anything special. I chose to Disable auto run on startup of the Adobe Creative cloud software. But this is because I use Cubase 90% of the time and Adobe apps 10%, and I don’t like having anything that doesn’t need to be running whilst I’m using Cubase. Reality could well be , I wouldn’t even notice a difference in Cubase if I left Creative Cloud running though, but I have not tried. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @raino and @SurrealistBunny - One of the reasons I’ve got the new PC is that my current laptop has intermittent performance problems in Cubase that I’ve never been able to troubleshoot my way out of. My attempts to do so have included disabling just about every other service / programme, so I was just a bit paranoid - hopefully this PC will end up being a good machine for running both the Steinberg and the Adobe apps.

In general Cubase will tend to run into resource limitations before Photoshop because Cubase needs to do realtime processing where Photoshop doesn’t.

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I use the Adobe photostuff and Cubase on my Hackintosh. Works OK. I do see a silly amount of Adobe background stuff running all the time. I have a script somewhere that turns them off for extra tidyness when using Cubase, but in practice I don’t bother using it.

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Thanks All - doesn’t sound as though anyone has had any problems. I should be getting the new PC tomorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed that it’s going to make my Cubase projects run without any difficulties. I don’t think I’ll be running Cubase on a Windows laptop again any time soon.

I’ve been running such a setup since I got this PC, which is a silent PC using just the inbuilt graphics on an Intel i7-10700 CPU with 32G memory (it didn’t cost much over 16G when I got it though I am not convinced Windows has ever availed itself of it).

There appears to be no conflict between Adobe and Cubase. I have even relaxed over background tasks and tolerate OneDrive running on it as it keeps Office happy, though Google Drive is only used through the Chrome interface. I do avoid running them at the same time, which is easy enough as music and photography are entirely separate activities, at least for me.

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I have an ancient machine (i7-3820), 32 GB DDR3 on a Sabertooth X79 and it runs both Cubase 12 Pro and all the Creative Cloud apps, except the very newest as the CPU does not have the required instruction sets (AVX2).

If you want to use the latest and greatest Adobe app which support AI the official requirements are:

A CPU above a 6th gen Intel or 3000 Series AMD
8 GB+ for Intel or 16 GB+ for AMD of RAM
GPU > GTX970 or better for NVidia and an AMD series 5000 or better GPU

You should be fine, trust me, if my old girl can run it all with barely a slow down a modern PC should be fine.