Running Cubase 5 in Parallel on Macbook Pro non-retina

Hi Guys, I plan to buy a MacBook Pro non-retina, and I plan to run Cubase 5 32-bit (This is what I have now) in Parallel Desktop (Windows 7), will it work? I don’t own any audio interface and I would prefer Parallel over BootCamp due to it can be easily switch between Windows and OSX. In cubase 5, I just doing the editing and Mixing job, I am not using any virtual instrument or midi or sound recording, so I will get all the tracks in wav form and just putting effect chain into the track (Fabfilter plugin), can Parallel handle this smoothly?


You will have timing issues, but there are a number of users on various forums that claim to do just this, althou I am not 100% sure what their user case is and it is more than possible that this will be OK for you, perhaps with an occasional hickup. I would not and would use boot camp. Warm booting does not really take that long and is more of a minor inconvenience than a major

Suck it and see, install Cubase under parallels and if that does not work as hoped you can always install boot camp later on

Thanks for your advice, will look at it and will post my review here after I got my Macbook.

Just curious, why would you want to run Cubase under Windows under Parallels under OS X? Why not just run it under OS X?

V5 of Cubase does not run on the latest MAC OSX due to API changes

Actually it does:

Not for all, apparently has something to do with the display

I had no Problem in running Cubase Studio 5 on the newest Retina MacBook Pro. Just set Cubase on Low-Res-Mode (infos on

Hi guys, after trying to use Cubase 5 in Parallel, I found out it is not a good place to get in, I need to set the buffer to at least to 4096 to get it smooth. By default it is 2048, and I got crackling sound when I play it, for mixing maybe it still workable, but for recording totally useless… So at the end I go for Bootcamp and to get rid of others portential problem in the future…

Note that I am using MacBook Pro 13 inch without retina and without any audio interface.

Thanks, this is pretty much as expected since the OS on the virtual system cannot gain control over the supervisor on the processor (its emulated in the virtual machine) and therefore not control the timing. But it is helpful to have that confirmed since a number of people claim to be using Parallels , would make sense for an editing app but not for a DAW