Running Cubase 6.5 32bit should I upgrade to 64bit

They say if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it, but I’d like to know if there is better performance with the 64bit version.

How much RAM does your system have?

That an easy answer: If you have room for at least 8G of ram, and if most of your pluguns are 64 bit - or available in 64 bit - than yes! Win7 64 runs about 2G of ram just to supply the OS, just keep that in mind.

I very recently switched from XP32 running 4G of ram to Win7 64 running 8G of ram and it is a better experience. And I was a die hard XP fan.

If you do pursue this, just remember to do a fresh install! DO NOT let the Win7 installer entice you to install the ‘old computer’ folder. This will come up on the first install window. It mentions the promise that you can remove it - and you can - but be warned that with it comes a variety of folders that are difficult to remove and not within the ‘old computer’ file/folder. These would be folders like ‘My Music’, etc. Well, the problem is, Win7 has these folders, too, and now you will have two versions, and one that cannot be opened now. It just confuses the download process for new programs, having duplicate folders, trust me. And yes, I spent some time with a MS tech on the phone about this, I know what I’m talking about. Don’t make the mistake I did.

Too, when you stop and think about it…if you are switching from 32 bit to 64 bit, provided you have all the codes for your 32 bit plugins and j-bridge (and these are stored on another HD), why would you ever want to save your XP setup? You can’t use it. Well, unless you are going back to XP I suppose. Me, not! Win7 64 is better.

FWIW, I bought Win7 Home Premium from Newegg for $189 delvered, a fair price and I can move it over to a newer i7 core or whatever someday if need be.

The answer to this is too easy, as long as you’re already running 64 bit Windows. Run them both. Use 64 bit when you can, but go back to 32 bit if you’re missing a plug-in that you need that the bridge won’t handle. Keep at it until everything works. Even then, why would you need to discard 32 bit Cubase? Just leave it there in case you need it.

It can be a migration process that takes some time.

I have 8Gb of Ram and I’m already running Windows 7 64 bit. I’m leaning towards just installing it with the advice I’m getting.

Yes - I have both 32-bit and 64-bit installed. I run almost exclusively on 64-bit. Only time I really run 32-bit is for rewiring to Notion (which I can’t seem to get working in 6.5), and using a yamaha midi plugin which only exists in 32-bit.

But - I can open any project in either 32-bit or 64-bit (assuming I don’t exceed memory limits with 32-bit, which so far I haven’t).

Cubase 6.5 64-bit has been very stable for me.

Biggest thing you need to watch for is plugins, as you need 64-bit plugins OR 32-bit plugins that bridge properly (not all do). In the case that you have a plug-in that is only available in 32-bit and it doesn’t bridge properly, then 9 time out of 10, the 3rd party tool JBridge will usually solve it for you.

Currently have 2 plugins that require JBridge (maybe only one - need to try one of them again without JBridge).