Running Cubase 6 and 7 simultaneously

Does anyone know if its possible to run both Cubase 6 and 7 at the same time, if you have two seperate soundcards and their asios installed on that one machine?

Im looking to run cubase 7 with a midas venice using the midas drivers and connected via firwire, then run back into the same pc via a lynx aurora and aes16 and record into cubase 6.

And could rewire work between them both? to allow them to sync to the cubase 7 timecode etc


What on earth for?

You can only have one ASIO driver installed at a time.

Aloha guys,

What on earth for?

For me it was just out of curiosity and to have a lil fun.

So I loaded a song (done in C5) into C5/C6/C7.

And they all played!!! At the same time!!!

Sounded like total crap (out of sync) but they did play.

I can’t think of any real use for this but it was fun while it lasted.

But now breaktime is over so back to work. —leo laporte

curteye- lol!