Running Cubase 6 on Mac OS Sierra


I’ve been working with Cubase 6 since it got out.
Just transferred to Mac Sierra 10.12.3.

When I try to install Cubase 6 on the Mac I get an error:
‘You need at least Mac OS X 10.5.0 to install this software’.

Since my OS is higher than 10.5 (10.12) I do not understand how to make it work, and cannot install cubase.

Any help much appreciated…

Cubase 8.5 and higher are the Mac OS sierra compatible versions.

Is there a way to run Version 6 on the Sierra? (do not want to pay 300 euros just because it is not supported)

install this

Tried the installer tool with Cubase 5. It does not recognise the installer DVD… :frowning:

The installer tool doesn’t support Cubase 5, and you really should consider upgrading. Cubase has improved massively since Cubase 5, it’s a much faster and more powerful DAW now.

there is really nothing in it for me that would make the $300 worthwhile.
not to speak of backwards incompatibility.

I strongly doubt that. The workflow for basically everything is much faster now. It almost feels like a different DAW.

The license would also allow you to run previous versions, which are 100% compatible with Cubase 5.

Even if you managed to run Cubase 5 on Sierra it would be buggy as hell anyway because of the changes Apple made to the OS.