Running cubase 7 on Hackintosh with o.s 10.11.6

HI All,
i was earlier using my licensed cubase 7 on my mac pro g4 desktop running first on o.s x yosemite then i upgraded to el capitan osx on the same computer.My cubase 7 was working fine with it.

Recently I switched to a new hackintosh computer running Mac osx el.capitan(10.11.6) and now my same licensed cubase 7 cant be installed on it. :confused:

please help !


Hi and welcome,

  1. The license is stored on the USB-eLicenser. So you don’t need to install it. Just plug the USB-eLicenser in.

  2. If you mean, you cannot install Cubase 7, use Steinberg Application Installer Tool, please.

  3. Be aware, Cubase 7 is not officially compatible with mac OS 10.11. The latest officially supported version was Mac OS 10.9.

  4. Be aware, Hacintosh is not an official system, and might be disturbing.