Running Cubase as admin causes ASIO overload


Running Cubase as admin causes ASIO overload in projects that work spotless otherwise. The spikes can only be heard, not seen in the performance meter. Is this a common issue, or could it be VSTi related? Sound card related?



That’s interesting. Could you test your system by using LatencyMon? Can you see any difference un the result, when Cubase is running as administrator or not?

Hi. It shows the same latency. Spotless performance until running in admin mode. The cracks dissapear with increasing buffer size.


It’s clear. Interesting would be to fund out, what component needs more resources.

What do you mean?


I mean it’s clear that increasing Buffer Size helps. But the question is, what process needs more CPU when running in administrator mode. Is it the Audio engine, or somehow the ASIO driver itself? Or plug-ins? Or…?

I have some strange things happening using the iCUE Corsair software. With the SDK enabled and latter disabled the process handling the Vengeance LED lights uses 100% of one CPU core if you restrict it to one core.
Else it shows running around 10% cpu, as the load is shiftet from core to core.
Try looking if something is using a lot of power when Windows is idle.
Enabling the SDK inside the iCUE software fixed the issue for me, it is definitely buggy.
Might be something completely different, but worth having an eye on.

Good question. My guess… it’s a certain plugin.