Running Cubase in other user accounts on same computer

Hi there,
I previously had Cubase LE AI 10.5 on my computer and I could run it either on the main (administrator) account or a second account that I have created on the computer.
I have just upgraded to Cubase Elements 11 and I can run it in the admin account but on the 2nd user account I can start Cubase but it won’t let me load any instruments.
I went into the Steinberg folder and made it all available to the 2nd user however the problem persists.
I saw it mentioned that if you update permissions to a program you need to uninstall then reinstall it, but I have just got everything pretty much working now (I think) and I don’t want to muck around any more than I have to.
You might ask why I need to use with 2 user accounts - it’s just that I’ve heard it’s better to run in a non-administrator account as this is more secure in the event of scammers trying to hack into your computer…?