Running Cubase off a portable USB drive

This has probably been asked… but I can’t find any info on it online or in the manual.

I want to be able to run Cubase7 off a USB flash drive, so that I can bring it with me to use in the several different recording studios I frequent. (I go to a school where there are 5 separate recording studios with their own Mac Pros).

So today I brought the Cubase7 .app file copied from my laptop onto a USB-drive, and my eLicenser, but when I try to open it, it won’t. It says Cubase ‘unexpectedly closed’ or something.

I also tried putting the .app file on the studio Mac, and made sure the file wasn’t corrupted, but it’s the same result each time.

Only other thing I can think to try would be to do a fresh install onto the USB drive, since maybe there are some missing ‘background’ type files.

Anyone know if this will work? I kind of thought the point of the eLicensers was to improve portability.

Cubase has files that need to be installed into the system folder. Without doing a regular install onto each machine’s hard drive Cubase can’t run.

and your username- really? Isn’t it a bit premature?

Okay, so if I understand correctly, it essentially it needs to be installed to a bootable-drive, i.e. it would be possible to run off a key, if the comp was booting OSX from it. (This makes a bit more sense in my case, as I’d only have to do 1 install to the USB key, as opposed to 5 separate installs on each studios Mac).

Sidebar: would I need to do the install from my original DVD? or does the .dmg of the 7.0.2 update contain all that is necessary to do a complete install of the basic program?

P.S. I appreciate the honesty of your username SteveInChicago.