running Cubase Studio 5 as administrator? is that common?


after upgrading to Cubase Studio 5 64bit I had to re-install my plug-ins and with some of them I have to run Cubase as administrator just to not have the plugins prompt for an authorization each time I open them.

Is this a normal and common thing?


I’ve had to do it for IK plugs such as Sampletank. It’s not unheard of. Are you on Win7? it’s a Win7/Vista type issue as far as I understand.

Thanks !

It’s exactly the same thing here, IK, SampleTank. Yes, Win7 64 bit.

I should add that running Cubase as admin has never to my knowledge caused a problem.

Thanks !

Does your Cubase desktop icon also have that little administrator shield icon on top of it? (see attachment)