running cubase with pc and mac on different sound cards

hello everyone.
i recently bought a macbook and decided to install cubase on it.
i have a normal pc which works with an external sound card (rme fireface 400) and i was wondering if i’m reducing quality by tranfering projects from my normal pc and continue working on them with the mac. as long as i’m not exporting anything and make only internal processes such as offline process, there shouldn’t be any intervtention from the internal sound card, right?
i was afraid that macbook only supports 16 bits but i’ve even managed to export 32 bit float.

thanks in advance.

orel ruchti.

Cubase is Cubase no matter which supported platform it’s on. Your soundcard is only instrumental on sound/midi in and sound/midi out. What’s in Cubase stays as is.
My guess is that if you exported 32 bit (float), it was processed by Cubase. Even though your Macbook is rated only 16 bit, it is able to store a 32 bit file as long as it doesn’t have to manipulate it.

thank you very much for the reply.
i just want to get things straight. you say that even in offline processes, the sound quality would not be influenced by the sound card?

Is your sound card processing the sound?

The “quality” will only be affected in operations regarding in/out of the sound card itself. Cubase and your plugins do their own thing while in Cubase unless you move outside the realm of Cubase, e.g. your sound card.

So in essence, your Cubase on the PC and your Cubase on Mac will ultimately end up being the “same” environment, in terms of Cubase. Unless there are differences internally in Cubase between PC vs Mac, which I doubt.

thanks a lot guys, this has been very helpful for me :slight_smile: