Running midi out of Cubase 7: interface needed?


I want to run some MIDI (some basslines) out of Cubase 7 on a Mac computer and into the MPC 3000. My plan is to run the midi out of Cubase in real time and record it onto a track in the MPC.

Do I need a MIDI interface to run the MIDI out of Cubase, or can I just use a MIDI to USB cable?


You can use a Midi to USB cable, but beware though, I have one which is a few years old and I recently found it wasn’t supported on my latest OS (Mavericks) so check that it’s supported before buying. Also, I suspect cheapo interface wires may have substandard drivers and/or bad connectors, so you should be prepared for problems… I recently bought the M-Audio MidiSport 2x2 Anniversary Edition for my Mac just to make sure Midi worked reliably, and it does.