Running MOTU 24io Interface /PCIe Card on iMac


I want to use my MOTU PCIe 424 Based Audio Hardware (2x 24io, 1x 2403 MK3) with my New 27’ iMac’s. Cuz that you Can’t add any PCIe Cards into an iMac i Look forward to find a Solution for that.

:bulb: Now that SONNET is Shipping their Brand New Echo Express Pro Thunderbolt Expansion Chassis for PCIe Cards (ECHO-EXP2F) i Hope that this will be a working Solution.

Does anyone have experience getting an PCIe Card Running on expansion chassis for Macs without PCIe Slots. :question:

Any idea is welcome. :exclamation:


Have a look at the RME website - yes I know you have a different system - there’s a video of the RME MADI system running from one of these Thunderbolt PCIe systems, running a huge track count with almost no stress on the MacBook it’s running on…