Running multiple Cubase versions?

Hi - I have been using Cubase Studio 5 for a number of years now, but am now moving to Cubase Artist 7.5. I’m very excited about making the move, but I’m a little concerned about what happens with the projects that I am in the process of working on in Studio 5. I’m sure Artist 7.5 will open the older projects, but will there be issues with e.g. plugins that don’t match? For example, I use RoomWorks extensively in my current projects, but I see that Artist 7.5 does not have the full RoomWorks version, only the RoomWorks SE version. Will my RoomWorks settings still work when I open the older projects in Artist 7.5, or will I have to re-create all my reverbs? Are there any other, similar issues that I should be aware of?

Since I am in the process of working on a number of projects, I’m wondering if it is possible to run both Cubase Studio 5 and Cubase Artist 7.5 on the same machine, until I have everything running smoothly in the new program. Is this possible, and/or advisable, and are there concerns or potential problems here that I should know about?


You can install and use run every major version parallel to others (I don’t know if you can have both open at the same moment)

You can use both versions alternating and test as long as you need until you possibly deinstall Cubase 5.
This way you can also test if all used plugins work for you in the new version.

But don’t forget to save all changes of v5 projects in v7.5 under a different name - otherwise it might not be possiblke to reopen them in v5 anymore (if that becomes necessary).

Aloha guys,

C5.5/6/5/7.5 all running well here on the same machine.

And I can run them all at the same time.
(absolutely no advantage in doing that, but it can be done. Ha!).

Good Luck


I’m on MAC and my only issue was some missing midi presets which I had to copy from 6.5 so I decided to keep 6.5, 7 with 7.5. No other issues.


How does it work with your dongle? Does a person need to buy multiple FULL versions or can multiple versions be on the same dongle?

Only need one license. It’s good for current & previous versions simultaneously.

Since you can open an 8.5 project in say 7.5, I’ve found it useful when copying stuff from one project to another and you want to hear both projects. It saves activating one & then the other back and forth.

I also seem to remember that if you copy Cubase8.5.exe (or whatever it’s called) to Cubase8.5B.exe you can run both of those at the same time to have 2 instances of 8.5 running.