Running Nuendo as Admin - because of problems with Waves plugins

Since Friday 08/19/2022 I have had to start Nuendo as admin, otherwise it takes 3 minutes to start - and half an hour to load a project. At the same Friday, I lost all activations of Waves these days (on 3 computer), which could be reversed with admin rights (and the help of waves). Since then, Nuendo only runs quickly and cleanly if it is started as an admin (run as admin).
Interestingly, all my 3 Nuendo PCs are affected for me.
I am able to restore any PC to a working state with a backup (O&O Discimage). After restoring the backups, it works again one day ** until the Windows 11 update reports and updates the PCs again.

One of this 3 computer had just been freshly installed in July 2022.
Anyone here have the same problem?
Or where could the problem with the user rights lie?

Hi. I had otherwise problems with starting Nuendo as admin and someone told me not to do it. Never did it since then. Sorry, can’t help.

We now know that the whole problem is with Waves licenses - NOT with Nuendo.
Their activation and use in a DAW only works as an admin.
Nuendo then searches itself to death at startup as a normal “user”.

The main problem is that Waves Central (and the licences) does NOT have access to the Windows hard drives and NO access to the periphery where the licenses are.
So they are not usable for “user” and only accesible for admin.
The plugins are then not activated for programs that run as normal user like Steinberg Nuendo. You then have to start all programs as “Admin”. This leads to significant problems.

I’m in touch with Waves support as well.
But maybe there is someone here who can also solve the problem with the Waves licenses.