Running Scala through Cubase

Hi, I’m relatively new to cubase, and would like to run a third-party application into cubase so that I can record with it. The application is called Scala and is uesd for playing and writing microtonal scales. It comes with multiple useful microtonal virtual keyboards with real-time playback. I would like to run this software so that cubase can pick up the keyboard for use with scala’s instruments as well as cubase’s instruments (if the latter is possible) and record them. The Scala support team reccomended I download MIDI-OX to accomplish this, though I don’t know how to use it to link the two applications.

Scala website:


Scala 2 SynthEdit Microtuner and other VSTs that use the Scala system would be used just as any other VST.

Scala files, which can be created manually or by using the various tools available for that can be used via VSTs that support it, rather than Cubase itself. . the full version of Halion supports it, as do many 3rd party VSTs, such as Aria (Garritan) and Kontakt.

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Just after posting this I found another thread you’d contributed to on Arabic scales that answered most of my preliminary questions.

As I am sure you know well, there is ‘how to do it’ and 'how the hell to do it!" :slight_smile:

At least I got the first part so far.

:laughing: Yes! Truly. Anything specific I can answer now?

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