Running VST live on multiple laptops

Is it possible to run VST live on multiple laptops simultaneously and in sync?
Thanks in advance

Would be very cool (was wondering already about something similar to VST System Link but done via the TCP/IP P2P that iOS app also using) :sunglasses::wink::v:

But unfortunately for now - as far as I know - currently VSTLive is one only master.

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So also not possible to run cubase and vstlive in sync … I guess.?
I’m trying to distribute the project load (audio, video and vst instruments/fx) among different machines… but am getting stuck here. Any suggestions outside vstlink?

You can sync it with Cubase via MTC. VSTLive has to be the master

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If u can’t use MTC in that case between VSTLive and Cubase, I have “spare idea”, just let me know

Thanks. I might come back to you… right now trying to figure midi clock issues… apparently I can only send midi clock to one external device at time???

Hi! Pay attention to MIDI clock vs MTC.
Back to TC. Using MIDI thru maybe?

What and how many computers and DAW’s are u willing to use?

Riht now I’d like to use 3 external synths… they are connected to the pc via usb… couldn’t find a way yet to het the midi clock thru to the 2nd and 3rd synth

Just an idea: do u use all 16 MIDI tracks or you can cable them together maybe via MIDI THRU connector as we did back in time before USB port was invented?

I will try…

Yes it works via midi 5pins, 1st in connector, hereafter thru connectors… I’m using M Audio 2x2 interface, so I can route VST live to the M audio. Acts like a group… just a pain to implement these connections

Hold a sec. There is MIDI-CLOCK and there is another to TimeCode sync computers/video/light ing systems.

Clear one topic in once:)

Hi Fkalmus, I thought you might have the knowledge and the experience to provide some usefull advice on this topic… I’m building up a show of approx. 90 min, with audio backing tracks (9 stereo per song…heavy reading task thus), stacks for effects (maybe 4), DMX and video clips. I’m a bit concerned about running the project from one single laptop due to heavy project load, and therefore I’m thinking in having the video files running on another laptop. I found a MP4 player that works with MTC (vidplayMTC) and intend to use it, laptop will sync to MTC via ethernet midi, or maybe a midi cable. Now I see the MTC function in VSTlive but there is not much written about it yet. Since I’d like to have video clips played between songs (kind of intermezzo) I am wondering if I have to make an non interrupted video file of 90 min that starts with the 1st trigger of VSTLive, and only stops when VSTlive stops, OR is there a different way that allows automation and play single video clips… the MTC signal sent by VSTlive is continuous I guess? This MP4player only loads one video file btw

Hi @Pieffe ,
Sure. Btw 9 stereo tracks and an MP4 video is nothing for a laptop.

My Questions:

  • am I right, u have one and only, long video file that you would start at begin and stop at the end? No unique videos/songs, right?

  • did you test the DMX tracks already for your project?

  • how your project runs on your setup when letting run your STACKS, TRACKS, DMX alltogether?

  • what else you want to start via TimeCode?

On itself does not look much, but having 90 min of music on a setlist times 9 tracks is already 9 Gb or so…

well I’m still thinking about the best way to make the video file… I’ll have around 12 unique connected by intermezzos (running so non- stop) so I’ll need at least 12 different videos… the question is now do I have to make a long video or is a way to automate 12 short video’s in sync with music that actually does not stop…

Actually I started yesterday …I’ve been playing with the DMX function …still learning how to do this the best way… fortunately not many light units to deal with. I think I will program the DMX midi track in cubase… midi programmability and functionality is much easier compared to VSTlive…

well I’m planning to have 3 musicians performing, so I’ll need a 4 mic stacks for fx, and I’ll use 3 external synths (so 3 midi channels and don’t know yet how many stacks for fx on the 3 synths), I’m thinking though to use many of the effects of my Behringer X32Rack, to spare cpu, so there will be more midi tracks for external fx automation . As I only have 4 light units, i’ll need 4 dmx midi tracks for light. Last but not least a video projection along the setlist. So I intend to use 2 laptops, a Behringer X32R mixer, drums, 3 synths stacks, 4 mics stacks…guess that’s it :slight_smile:

time code is needed for the video player( 2nd laptop), 3 synths (fx , arps etc), DMX tracks( guess though this works internally within VSTlive), and for the digital mixer effects…

I still have a feeling you meight have some confusion between MIDI CLOCK and MIDITimeCode. For synths you probably want to use MIDIClock (for e.g. tempo sync) and no MTC.

here is some clear explanation between the two things:

DMX tracks within VSTL are in synch as audio/video/midi tracks.
Digital Mixer has again nothing to do with TC (maybe MIDI clock for e.g. tap delay tempo)

The video thing you want to solve is still not clear to me. VSTL can only video playout when playing video track in song. I put my video files for each songs in a video track.

Last but not least, you will find the TC offset at SONG/Song Part Triggers…
You have to set desired start TC for each songs. That means you will get TC out from VSTL at PLAY. You have to set different TC offsets / song (I like hourly method if someone has less then 23 songs only… if more, you can pick 30mins of gap, so on, so on. Use an excel sheet to administer all your songs avoid duplicate start times).

Long story short, the LTC or MTC is in your situation is for running VSTL as master and sync with another video-player or DAW or LightingConsole, etc…

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Thanks for the reaction. I’ll read a bit more about the subject. Might come back to you later…