Runtime error Cubase Crash


I was having the Runtime error and win 7 told me that faulty module was Halion One.
Well i removed and replace it with Halion Sonic SE.
Now i´m getting Runtime Error faulty module Kernelbase.dll 6.1.7601.17514…???
Never had a problem before the Cubase update.

I´m clueless now.
Any suggestions will be welcome.

Thanks in advance

Cubase 6.0.1
Win 7 32
Delta M-Audio (latest beta drivers)
UAD Cards 1 & 2
Liquid Mix 16

Is this happening in a project that uses a lot of RAM ? If yes try freezing some tracks or bouncing vsti tracks to audio. Hope this helps.

Not at all.Thanks for your advice anyway.
I’ve changed the M-Audio drivers and the same issue remains.
I’ve trashed my preferences and all my UAD plugs dissapear.
I’ve trashed the vst plug in files,rescan and it fixed the UAD issue but still received the runtime error…
Could it be the Virus TI? (only used in this project together with the Micro Q)

Damm still crash every ten minutes…
I´ll remove it and re-install C6 1.0

Any other advices

Been having the exact same problem here since upgrading from Cubase Studio 4.

Crashes with a pop-up titled.

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Error

Upgraded soundcard drivers, still no luck.

Testing removing VSTs now.


Upgraded to 6.0.2 - still crashing randomly on me. Same Runtime Error.

Anyone else having this problem ??

Same here, constant runtime errors since 6.0.2. I get it duplicating tracks, I get it adding plug-ins like Reverence which no longer appear until I click the edit icon. Third party plug-ins appear but don’t load, yet I can copy them from other tracks which were loaded in 6.0.1!

Now I’m even getting it trying to open saved projects it was fine running 5 minutes earlier. 4 days work down the drain. Can anyone please tell me how to revert to 6.0.1?

Getting the Runtime errors here also…
in my Win 7 32bit OS

I have a dual boot Win 7 PC 32bit and 64bit (only 4GB memory).
In 32bit I get constant runtime errors. In 64bit everything is fine.

It started when I first experimented with HSSE a couple of months ago. Just using 6 slots would cause the error -
Now I have Superior Drummer there’s no chance - even just clicking “edit instrument”!

The Task Manager shows memory shooting up to about 2.5 GB, then crash!

Seems to me that Cubase really shouldn’t be considered if you’re running a 32bit system. All my current projects are now unworkable (in 32bit). Even the more modest projects will get the error.

As I say though, everything is fine in 64bit.

I’ve just restarted a project in 6.0.2, imported the audio & midi files from scratch, and manually copied in the mixer settings. Result- same visual basic runtime error; contact steinberg support, every time I load Reverence as an insert effect…frankly I’m losing the will to live & I only do this as a hobby. My sympathy goes out to those who have to use C6 as a professional piece of software

Hello Dynamic Mike,

what are your system specs ? Did you installed the latest updates for your operating system and hardware ?



After removing all my VSTs & VSTi …

I am still receiving the crash - a lot of the time when selecting the RoomWorks reverb.

Help please !!!

System -

Win7 - 32bit
3.0gHZ Dual Core AMD
Cubase 6.0.2 - upgraded from Cubase Studio 4

Hi Chris,

Thanks for offering to help. I’m running a Carillon PC, Intel® Core™2 Quad CPU Q8300 @ 2.50GHz with 4GB Ram on Windows 7 Home Premium. I’ve since re-installed Windows 7 32-bit & C6, but I’ve resurrected an old PC for projects I still need to finish in SX.

Apart from the odd project C6 still won’t open & a couple of plug-in issues (nebula refuses to load presets) things seem a lot more stable but to be honest I’ve not had much chance to use it yet.

Hi all!

I get the same problem running Superior Drummer 2 within Cubase 6 artist. But I can’t figure out with this thread where the problem lies. Is it a system (> computer power / specs) failure?