Runtime error! Project fails at Stereo Delay load.

We have an issue with one particular project. When it opens it loads the mixer and when it goes to ‘FX-4 Stereo Delay’ we get the dreaded Runtime Error! [Does mean I should go jogging instead? :smiley: ]

Strange thing is sometimes the project opens fine, we edit it, make backups, everything seems ok. :astonished:

The next day it crashes again. :cry:

We are using five drum tracks from either Groove agent or Halion SE [ I do not remember which.] and only three or four audio tracks - Compression, Reverence, nothing more than usual.

Free beer to the first person who can solve this. [Conditions apply.] :smiley:

Try a backup project to create a new project file!

Halion 4 is known to cause Runtime errors very frequently after v4.5 . Are you using this in any case?

Yes. As I wrote earlier we have made backups which also fail.
Thank you for your assistance.
We have been able to get the project moving again. when it opended successfully we disabled Stereo-Delay, removed all unnecessary plugins and increased the buffer size.

I suspect the computer is running out of memory, so we will one step at-a-time sart increasing the plug-ins when it comes closer to mixdown. It is risky but I do not see an alternative.

I wish somebody actually know what ‘Runtime Error’ actually means! Computers are like that. Like some medieval treatise that nobody understands anymore, they just keep adding layers upon layers…

Wish me luck! Into the unknown… :laughing: