Runtime error R6025 - Export - Omnisphere v2


I was using Cubase 6.5 and Omnisphere v1 for years, without any problem.

Now I’ve upgraded to Omnisphere v2 and Cubase 8 pro.
Now my system is unstable (even in older projects where I was working on):

  • hanging notes with Omnisphere (in a small testproject, only Omnipshere)
  • Runtime error (Visual C++ Runtime Library error R6025 - pure virtual function call) when exporting Omnisphere tracks and also when exporting audiotracks in other projects (without Omnisphere active in the project).

Is there an issue with Omnisphere v2?
Is there an issue with my videocard (saw something with RAM and videocard.?..)

Hope to hear some solutions please…

Kind regards

PC Intel i7 - Win7 pro 64bit - 24 Gig RAM - Asus Mobo - Radeon HD4300 - Cubase 8 Pro 64bit - UAD plugins (Quad PCe)- Spectrasonics bundle - NI Komplete - Waves bundle - Arturia bundle