Runtime Error when bouncing!

ive just finnihsed a tune and been trying to bounce it and i get a C++ error every time and cubase shuts down!

ive tried it with just soloing an audio track with nothin on it and it does the same thing.

also emptied the application data folder.

it also does it when record it into an audio track!

someone save me!!!


What are your system specs? I had runtime errors and upgraded to Win7 64 bit with 8G memory and it’s been running
very smoothly since. Mine happened on big projects (memory intensive).
Even though the memory usage indicator would say about 900 G of memory was still available, it still would give me runtime errors. I don’t know if this will help your scenario.

whoops, meant to put that in!

intel i7 950
6gb memory
win 7 64
cubase 6

ive got bigger projects and they seem to be ok! which is weird cos i havent used anythin different.

i just go to bounce this one, it gets to between 80 -90% then give me visual runtime error!

when i tried recording it into another audio track it did the same thing, between 80-90%, had a look and theres nothin new comin in there.

ive attached a screenshot but its doesnt really give any info… :frowning:

does no-one have any advice?

ive contacted steinberg but they seem to be ignoring me…

ive tried uninstalling and re-installing and installing 64bit but the project wont even load in that, it just hangs on one of the audio files ive used.


I’ve had some of same issues. You might hate what I did as solution but it seemed to work for me. I trashed all VSTi and plugins in mixer section then reloaded all and remixed. Don’t know if you are using VSTi or just audio. Also you say you have other project that work- maybe try saving mixer settings in working project and load into your corrupted project, also start a new project and import audio from old one,

cheers for the reply, ive just formatted and reinstalled windows and everything else and its still doing it so i think im going to have to try what you said! may try loading it onto my laptop first and seeing if i can bounce the stems from there.

did you save each track insert chain and then reload then into a new project?

I shouldn’t have said anything lol. I am constantly having the same issue as you if you find a solution let me know. Everything is great for me until I export audio as mix down, then Cubase freezes. I have tried removing all effect, all vsti one at a time and even down to just Vienna Imperial Grand w/nothing on it and same thing on Mix Export. This happened occasionally before but happens constantly since upgrade to 6.02…Does any one know if projects created in 6.02 can be opened in 6.01 or 6.0? It seems that issues really started w/6.02 and Audio Export seems to have slowed a lot

I used to have the runtime error all time.
Then i deactivated EIST and Spread Spectrum on my Bios and haven’t had the runtime error for a while now.

Win 7 32

I was able to complete my mixes by uninstalling 6.02 update and reverting to 6.01. I am using 64bit cubase. I am going to assume that there is an issue in 6.02…I tried to mix tune 18 times and rebooted computer at least 9 times on that one tune yikes. After switching to 6.01 I was able to export tune 3 times no issue…