Runtime Error!

Run time error!
Program C/ Program Files/Steinberg/Cubase/Cubase6.exe

Anyone know how to rectify this problem I keep getting? Thanks in advance.

Nobody has absolutely any idea whatsoever. Give us a clue.

The error message comes up when I am loading a project. It crashes the whole system.

Update your elicenser.
Hide/rename your vstplugins folder & see if any project opens.

List your specs & o/s & people may have more chance of advising what to try.
There are also quite a few threads which may or may not help if you search “runtime”

What are your DAW specs?

Imo seems to be a Cubase memory issue so the solution in my case was to move to a 64 bit environment and increase the RAM to 8 GB (only supported on 64 systems).