Russia official distributor does not provide a necessary support

Dear steinberg!

I’m disappointed in the Russian Yamaha Support (your official distributor and support center) :confused:

I tried to get in touch with it to resolve software bug (as I think) but looks like technical support officer does not have the required qualifications (or do not want) and not respond to the topic of my issue. A quick response off-topic and just ignoring my emails with issue clarifications.

Where I can get useful e-support of your Premium Media Production System - Nuendo 10.5? :unamused:

Hi Roman,

for Nuendo 10.5 we don’t offer any support as there’s no product 10.5 of Nuendo :wink:
I guess you mean Nuendo 11 or Nuendo 10.

The distributor/support center is not capable of resolving software bugs,
but we’re happy to look into your issue if you elaborate a little bit on what it’s all about.

That said - welcome back to the forum!


Hello Timo!

Thank you for your reply! Sure, 10.3 correct version )) Confused with Cubase 10.5 which I have too.

The distributor/support center is not capable of resolving software bugs

Hm… I thought I should report about all bugs to the local distributor as it informed in “MySteinberg” account, tab “My Support” - “Individual support for you is provided by one of our Steinberg distributors. Please find a list of distributors on this page:” which actually do not provide support and just ignore requests.

I hope you can help, thank you!

Sometimes I works with a lot of audio content provided as STEREO TRACKS even if a signal inside is MONO, so I use “Multi-Channel to mono…” function in this cases, but I found, that automatically generated MONO tracks are differ from added MONO tracks by hands “Add new mono track”.

Generated MONO tracks perceived by VST plugins as STEREO which in turn leads (in some cases) to strange sound artifacts like overload signal followed by a complete shutdown of that channel. I prepared a video to show what “difference” I mean, private YouTube link:

I tried to change STEREO setting (right top corner of plugin window) to “MONO Default” but with no luck.

So I thought it should be software problem because similar MONO track perceived as different for VST Plugins.

Could Steinberg fix this thing or explain me what am I doing wrong?
Thank you!

Mac OS X 10.14.6
MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2017)
2,8 GHz Intel Core i7
16 ГБ 2133 MHz LPDDR3
Radeon Pro 560 4 ГБ
Intel HD Graphics 630 1536 МБ

you know you can put mono files on STEREO tracks - are you sure the tracks that are created in teh split are mono ?, they are probably stereo.

Try dragging the split files to actual. mono tracks

yes, sure, but I would like to split provided by client STEREO file for two MONO. especially when there is a large working library provided by the client and all the files in it are stereo, but some of them have a mono signal.

if you told about generated automatically MONO tracks by using “convert function” then NO, the tracks looks like MONO but VST plugins perceived it as STEREO. I did video about…

I’ll take a look when I get chance.

Just my opinon: but start a thread with a title that reflects the problem. People are far more likely to take a look and help, rather than one that is just complaining about Russian tech support.

thank you!

It was a point of topic first and after Timo explain me that I can get support right here. What should I do and where should I found a support when official Russian Support just ignore me?! Is this normal support behavior? I wouldn’t have started this topic if all works as expected. Agree?

agree :slight_smile:

still worth opening a new thread though …as most people won’t read this one because of the title


tested here on 10.3 and 11 - using windows 10

all works as expected - both new/created tracks are mono - VST plugins (reverence) report MONO - routing editor shows MONO

ORIGINAL track shows STEREO and VST plugins show stereo (as expected)

thank you.

could you try to do so with REVelation vst? (I have reverence in MONO too)

looks like not all plugins have a STEREO configuration on MONO tracks. Any way it should be a software problem because HAND MADE mono track works with all plugins as expected.

yes with REVelation there is a problem. The mono (?) tracks that are created are faulty in some way.

If you open the routing editor - you can see that it says S1, which is mono but thinks it’s stereo.

Cubase has the same issue - it’s not a visible but you can see it in the routing editor

I’m gonna start a new topic if that’s ok ?

That would be great, thank you!