Russian Punk Band Is Sentenced to 2 Years in Prison

More proof that Rock and Roll will never die.

Russia> what a place :open_mouth:

You’d have thought a Russian equivalent of a community order would have been appropriate, not two years in prison!!!

Not surprised, human rights have never been a priority in, not only but also, Russia. Anyone remember ‘Father Sunshine’?


Wondering - if a similar thing (P*ssy Riot, National cathedral, nation’s capital, etc.) had happened in your own country, what would the punishment have been?

I’m not sure I can answer that for the States. My guess is a suspended sentence. Unless it was deemed a national security threat, then … poof!

First of all you need to have the issue with some head of the country mixing their secular duties with the superstitious cults. For the past 60-70, the present and the foreseeable future that’s highly unlikely in Sweden. Anyway let’s say a punk band wanted to perform a song to manifest some kind protest in Storkyrkan in Stockholm, trying to keep politics out of the church and/or vice versa. The church in Sweden needs any publicity it can get and apart from the noisy appearance of a punk band they would probably join forces. It would be a tremendous goodwill boost for the church to have a young punk band even wanting to have something to do with them. Having that said there would be some concerned citizens of the retarded moral minority saying something stupid on the news the day it happens but after a week the incident is off into oblivion. A small fine for trespassing could also be the case if the church didn’t like the happening. A fine that would bruise the skin of a poor punk band but not really smack down on them completely, more like “don’t do dat, and don’t do dat again!”. I’ll give it 3 minutes news coverage once in each of the TV channels, then some random follow up and then it’s over and out.

Jail for two years for speaking their minds? Unheard of! :open_mouth:
And wasn’t two of them mothers with toddlers? Brave state! :unamused:

I don’t know why anyone would be surprised at this, look who’s running the country, and given their history (Russia).


Putin must be a pussy to be afraid of them. At least they don’t have the arrogance to tell god what religion he is.

Case “A”

You did something bad so you will not be allowed to watch TV tonight.

(One hour later) Just to show you I’m a nice guy, I’m going to cancel your punishment, you can watch TV…

BF Yawn!!!

Case “B”

You did something bad so I’m going to shoot you in the head.

(One hour later) Just to show you I’m a nice guy, I’m going reduce your punishment to a fine of $10…

Urgent!!! Rock band gets reprieve from death penalty!!! Details at eleven!!!

See how that works?

:mrgreen: I do get that completely. Two weeks in the can. Tops.

Not quite the same situation but in Canada being ‘banned’ can lead to becoming
quite famous.

‘Back in the day’ my city of Toronto got it’s first female mayor who because or their name,
decided to ‘ban’ a local group from performing at a yearly local (but very popular) live event.

The backlash was enormous.

The band:
‘Barenaked Ladies’!


Yes I remember that :slight_smile:

As for the topic, I’m all for free speech but really, what were they thinking doing that there ?

One of them is certainly living up to the name of being a Crazy Canuck , to her peril :unamused:

Similar protests have happened in the US by ACT UP in the 80’s when they routinely took over Catholic Church ceremonies if I recall correctly. No one gets any punishment for this, at least here in California. At worse its a fine that never gets paid

Can’t remember who it was, but back in the 60’s some black radical took over an Episcopal? church in San Francisco demanding all of these millions of dollars as reparations for black people.

'Course when somebody got around to doing the math, all of these millions would amount to about 50 cents per black person…

I already saw people been harrassed by the police. for kissing at some monument, not related with religion. Police men acted like perfect retards, btw.
The pussy riot were not arrested because of the lyrics but because of the place, kind of private or *sacred+, where they chose to. perform.
I guess if the Dead Kennedies performed at some Vietnam memorial or the Capitol, everything would get garden and rosie.

Is having sex in the public comparable? Here’s a little story from everyday life in Norway.
EDIT: OBS! Vulgar language is stricktly forbidden. It’s a link to an article about f*ck for forrest.

On 2 June, 2011, Fuck for Forest were covered in Dagbladet when some members of the group simulated intercourse in Oslo Cathedral during Mass. The leader of Oslo Bishopry told Dagbladet that the stunt > "makes him sad on behalf of those who did it."

Putting those girls in jail on this basis shows how f**ked-up the system in Russia is.

hardly kissing someone can be called having sex. Th couples were fully dressed.
Bradley Manning is held up prisoner for 800 days without being formaly charged, in conditions many portraied as inhumain, because of a crime of opinion. so freedom of speach is being taken in account very highly. In the USA one may speak of eveything but crimes done while doing missions of peace and humanitarian aid on strategical places.

No offense but is English a language you use regularly. I was trying to nderstand your Dead Kennedy’s reference but gave up. I don’t understand what you’re saying here either.

no i don’t use English regulary, M.
The Dead Kennedies were an ancient punk band, akin to Pussy Riot. All attitude and a lot of noise. Rebellion sells today, as it sold in the 80’s.

On the. other post i tried to express my lack of understanding regarding people accusing
Putin of enforcing his politics as something elegitimate, while i believe there is separation of powers in Russia. So the girls were condemned by a judge in a court of law, while, just right under their noses, they can’t see a fellow being held up ilegally.

Ha! The Dead Kennedy’s bass player used to be a housemate of mine years ago in Boston. Their career has been based here in San Francisco. I saw them play again just a few years ago ,albeit without Jello Biafra ,the original lead singer. They were tight and rocked hard as hell just like the old days. Their success was that the music was listenable and they had a message.