RX 10-Problems in Nuendo 12 DOP

I keep my fingers crossed that it works for you.


Same problem here. It’s looks like pretty same what we had with RX8.

But for some reason RX10 worked fine first few weeks

Same Issue here, had RX9 Standard working just fine, now I claimed one of their loyalty offers and upgraded to their Everything Bundle. Using RX10 Adv., audio won’t return back to Nuendo12 via RX Connect DOP.

Still have the RX9 Standard license going, which still covers 95% of my use, but all in all, this is pretty much useless for now. Just like Dialogue Match, where they promise to have a VST implementation “on their list”… for three years already.

Gonna message them again, the more pressure they get, the better. Their stuff isn’t exactly cheap and being industry standard, I kinda expect it to work. And not only with Pro Tools that is!

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bump - has this problem been fixed yet?

No it hast not. Few weeks ago iZotope Support answered my mail and promised a fix in the new update, but RX 10.3. still hast the Same issue.


Great. That’s what I love: promising something, but then not keeping it. They should be so honest and say if they can’t fix it at the moment or prioritize other things.

I agree about the annoyance of paying for something and it not working - again! If I remember correctly, it was nearly a year before RX8 got fixed. Added to the fact I paid for Post Production Suite so I could get Dialogue Match, and I’m pretty annoyed. I’m trying out Spectralayers, but it’s incomprehensible to me at the moment.
I wonder how many of us are in this situation? My workaround at the moment is to continue with RX9, as saving and re-importing would make workflow too slow for the limited benefits the update promises.

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This is annoying. And not sure why they regress when it got fixed in RX9.

Used RX9 for several weeks on Win10 without issue. Project is now on a Mac with RX10 and I can get the clip into iZotope, but not back. Used RX9 seems to work for now, crossing my fingers.

Still no fix in RX 10.3. Very frustrating.