RX 10-Problems in Nuendo 12 DOP

I keep my fingers crossed that it works for you.


Same problem here. It’s looks like pretty same what we had with RX8.

But for some reason RX10 worked fine first few weeks

Same Issue here, had RX9 Standard working just fine, now I claimed one of their loyalty offers and upgraded to their Everything Bundle. Using RX10 Adv., audio won’t return back to Nuendo12 via RX Connect DOP.

Still have the RX9 Standard license going, which still covers 95% of my use, but all in all, this is pretty much useless for now. Just like Dialogue Match, where they promise to have a VST implementation “on their list”… for three years already.

Gonna message them again, the more pressure they get, the better. Their stuff isn’t exactly cheap and being industry standard, I kinda expect it to work. And not only with Pro Tools that is!

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bump - has this problem been fixed yet?

No it hast not. Few weeks ago iZotope Support answered my mail and promised a fix in the new update, but RX 10.3. still hast the Same issue.


Great. That’s what I love: promising something, but then not keeping it. They should be so honest and say if they can’t fix it at the moment or prioritize other things.

I agree about the annoyance of paying for something and it not working - again! If I remember correctly, it was nearly a year before RX8 got fixed. Added to the fact I paid for Post Production Suite so I could get Dialogue Match, and I’m pretty annoyed. I’m trying out Spectralayers, but it’s incomprehensible to me at the moment.
I wonder how many of us are in this situation? My workaround at the moment is to continue with RX9, as saving and re-importing would make workflow too slow for the limited benefits the update promises.

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This is annoying. And not sure why they regress when it got fixed in RX9.

Used RX9 for several weeks on Win10 without issue. Project is now on a Mac with RX10 and I can get the clip into iZotope, but not back. Used RX9 seems to work for now, crossing my fingers.

Still no fix in RX 10.3. Very frustrating.

Still no major news on this, unfortunately. I’ve reached out to their support again about this issue, their reply was quick but rather disappointing:

“At this time, please note that the issue with RX 10 Connect and Cubase / Nuendo is on the RX team’s fix list. We hope to have it resolved in the next update but unfortunately I don’t have an exact timeline for when the issue will be resolved.”

However, they sent me a full RX9 Advanced License, which is great! And a 50% discount code to any perpetual license . Which is kinda ironic, since I’ve purchased RX10 as part of their “Everything Bundle”, but still!

[cynicism on] I guess this tells how much a license is actually worth and how support is something unrelated to an actual service that helps the costumer [cynisism off]

I’ve had similar contacts for a while now and nothing has changed… i’m not holding my breath.

I have the same issue. Send from Cubase 12 Pro to RX10 Connect. Do all the work I need on the clip. Click ‘send back.’
Sometimes it works.
Sometimes it doesn’t do anything and when that happens I lose all the time it took to do the work and have to start from scratch on the clip again, praying it sends back each time. Just frustrating and time consuming.

I filed a ticket with iZotope. They acknowledged that this a known bug and said to keep using RX9. No ETA for a fix. That was two months ago or so.

Version 10.4.0 has been available for two days now: Has anyone been able to test the new update? Unfortunately, the release notes do not say anything along the lines of “finally runs in Nuendo”. So I assume it’s still the same crap?! :blush:

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Still the same crap.
I just got Acon Digitals Acoustica. Let’s see how that goes. It will be a learning curve and a slow transformation though (and Steinberg needs to find a way to use ARA extensions with key commands!!)
There’s also still much to optimize with Acoustica but the developers are far more reachable and some of its algorithms are actually better than RX.


Confirming that 10.4 did not solve the issue.

Quel pain in the rear.


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Hi what routine are you missing from Rx10 or SpectralLayer Pro9 that Acon Digitals Acoustica fills in. Just curious.

From what I understand the spectral recovery module is now improved. I could have used that earlier this year, or last… I think another thing or two over v9 are also better.

I pay for RX upgrades only when I need to. Izotope’s track record on compatibility and support is p@#$-poor.

I’m seriously considering suspending our subscription for a while. When I read stuff on izotope.com like:

Priority Customer Care: Easily submit any of your questions, comments, or concerns, and you’ll receive timely, expert help.”, I get angry!
What good is a quick response if I have to read for months: “We’re working on the problem. Please be patient”. Patience, my a…! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

We have Restoration Suite 2 installed in one of our studios. I’ve used it a few times, but the results are usually worse than with RX. This may be because I have been working with RX for years (RX3 was our first version of this app) and have used it almost daily since then.

Well, what I am missing are relevant bug-fixes (see topic). I don’t miss any routines. I just need my tools to work properly.

Same here. But I want to practice the workflows with Acoustica from time to time. Acon Digital has a good pace in getting better and better. I want to be able to use it professionally when the time comes.

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