RX 10-Problems in Nuendo 12 DOP

It would be new to me that one can intervene so deeply in PT via AAX. But maybe someone can teach me better.

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I’m probably not the only one to jump ship these days. Guess if we put a little more pressure on Izotope they will invest some time and money.

But yes, Izotope seems stuck a little bit lately. They were among the last ones to implement AAX native so I guess the “partnership” with Avid is also gone. If there was ever any…

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Well, as said before DAW manufacturers have SDK’s which allows third party developers to integrate more deeply intto the DAW.
I gave the examples of Ediload, EdiCue & Matchbox who used the SDK do be integrated more deeply into Nuendo.

And ProTools have their own SDK’s.
So it’s up to the 3th party manufacturer to decide if they are willing to put the effort & money down to make their application work in that specific SDK.



Another example is the serato tim n pitch plugin that i love. it has a very similar window functionality (to ambience match) in their audiosuite plugin (aax) that shows the waveform and allows you to draw the pitch or time parameters on top of it. Waves has a similar (but less good sounding algo) in their pitch/time plugin (forget the name). Also in aax.
So this just to show you that avid either has an sdk that allows this. Or they help big developers to get this functionality. Either way iztope is not special, they should just follow SB ‘s sdk or implement ARA for it.
They just don’t care… investors:shareholders love AI promises, not bug fixes, because that is where the money is.

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If that is the case, I must retract this statement. I am surprised at the level of intervention via DevKit.

So all that remains is financial incentives i guess

I just got this from Isotope support:
“I just got some info on this - this is a known issue and we are expecting a fix in the next RX 10 update.”

I wonder whether the new Company structure is having a positive effect? I know it’s been said before but I’ve got my fingers crossed for an actual fix this time.


Issue remains, and everything @Fredo has said is spot on!

I talked to an Avid Product Specialist yesterday at IBC2023. PT has a new implementation of ARA2 with RX coming up (soonish still in beta). I asked about how this came about and if this was due to their own SDK or a novel approach. The rep explicitly told me that the RX team collaborated for this to work. So this proves the point, to an extend, that Izotope values PT more and that whatever should happen for RX to work properly in N12/13 depends upon a financial incentive (PT has a big marketshare for post so will get more clients for RX in ARA2).
However, SB might be working on a similar thing with Izotope… (i think not because they have a very similar product and it would undermine that).

Let’s just hope RX11 or N13 brings some positive changes (to RX connect) and that a fix for RX10 is lined up for release in the meantime

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IF Izotope “RX11 ARA” is implemented using standard ARA 2.0 it would work with Nuendo as well, although if the post above is correct it might have been more to it.

As far as I know only Melodyne and soon RX work as ARA in PT. No other ARA implementations so that may mean something…

Thanks for asking AVID, that’s important information. This (unfortunately) confirms part of my suspicions.

Another hope is that Native Instruments has a better relationship with Steinberg than Izotope did before. Maybe it helps to be able to talk in the local language.

Yes IF so, then it is indeed good news. I’d wager that the PT dinosaur source code is ‘special’ and that the teams had to find ways to make it work. The Product specialist also said something along those lines.
But IF it does work as ARA2 and by the book, it could work with N12 already (unless SB has a special ARA2 implementation). Also they only implemented a minimal toolset (though useful) to test the waters and the response. I’m anxious to here more in the near future.

Just curious, what are people still using RX for? I find the new algorithms in SL10, Acon, Accentize etc. all way ahead of RX. Let’s see what RX11 brings to the table.

I was hoping for ambience/dialogue match to come to Nuendo for years, but on a recent film, Spectralayers did an amazing job with EQ match for ADR. Reverb match, I’m still not so sure about. Need to dig deeper.

I would say it is more a “workflow” thing, and a matter of how much money people spend on izotope over the years to get their job done.
RX is not cheap, and there are people/companies who have multiple workstations and rx licences, and now we have to change our workflow because they sell a product that has a serious bug.
Of course there are great alternatives, accentize in particular, spectralayers is in a great spot to become a full time replacement.
But as i said, changing your workflow is the worst thing (at least for me) that can happen when you have a ton of epizodes to edit, and on top of that, you see that your “investment” in a plugin is going the wrong way.

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I change my workflow almost every week/month.
Anything that I can do faster/easier/better is a 100% gain.

Show me one person who prefers to work with old/slow/inferiour tools and spend more labour and frustration for the sake of “making the best out of an investment”, rather than using better/faster tools which will result in less labour time and better results.

Sorry, I don’t get it.

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