RX 6.10 Advanced

Hi everyone,

RX6.10 has been released, it says it is now ready for Nuendo 8.
I hope this and the next Nuendo Update will put an end to the problems we have been having since last summer.
I will test see if it works for me.

Hi Oliver,
I am still on the fence about jumping into Nuendo 8, mostly because of this forum has reported a lot of nightmares with N8 and existing plugin compatibility.

Do you find yourself working in N7 still or are you using N8 successfully? Would you recommend N8? I’m just looking for some opinions on this, as I thought the latest update was going to be addressing a lot. However, there are still a large amount of complaints on this forum coming in.

Thanks in advance.

Hey Oliver, have you found out what exactly changed with RX 6.1? In the release notes I’m seeing “Added support for Nuendo 8.” but haven’t seen anything else yet. Are all the changes internally for more stability or is there an actual usability improvement with the Direct Offline Processing and RX Connect?

Izotope has changed the way RX Connect works.
The way it was implemented was not in accordance with the VST3 specifications.
Now you can use RX Connect without applying the “bypass” trick.
It now works like it should work.


Hi JoDell19 and solinge,

I have just finished a production (that took much longer than expected due to reasons beyond my control) and still used N7 for it.
Since then I really have not done a lot of work, but have good reason to believe THE NEXT N8 and the mentioned Rx updates will solve our problems and will put an end to the nightmares this release has put us in.
Next for me, there are still a couple of left over smaller mixes I need to finish in the coming weeks. For safety‘s sake I will still use N7 for that.

I have the entire March off. I will use this time to buy the new computer, reinstate my PT plan and spend a good month trying to get up to speed with PT and EdiLoad. It’s an experiment. If it works out for me I‘ll never really go to N8. Something has to improve here regarding the field recorder topic and I really like the idea of non destructive clip EQ and dynamics in PT. We will see what the future brings.

I just wanted to let everyone know that iZotope have delivered, Steinberg is on the verge of releasing the update and it looks like the dreadful RX problem will have been solved soon.

Running RX 6.10 now. But I still have to toggle auto apply to bring the changes to the clip.
Wasn`t that a point that we hoped to be changed? Or is that a Nuendo thing?

See the way Bernhard described it in a earlier post:

  • I have “auto-apply” enabled all the time, for me this is the fastes way to work with DOP.
  • To send a clip to RX editor I simply call the plugin either via menu, keycommand or from the DOP gui.
  • After clicking “send back” in RX editor I run the following nuendo keycommand macro:

“toggle auto apply”
“toggle auto apply”
“make all permanent”

The version I am running (which is the beta of the next maintenance release) is working perfectly.
When sending back from RX, I have to use “apply” to commit what I have been doing in RX.

It was my understanding that this was a 100% Izotope issue, so it should also work in earlier Nuendo versions.
But it might be that Steinberg also changed something to help Izotope with a solution.
I haven’t been on top of this particular issue, so I might be missing some information, but I think it should work fine now.
Even in the version you are running.


Thanks Fredo

When sending back from RX, I have to use “apply” to commit what I have been doing in RX.

Does that mean you are using RX Connect with Auto Apply NOT on.




When Auto Apply is NOT on: Open RX Connect - hit Apply (to send it to RX) . After prozessed and sent back to RX Connect: Hit “Apply” to apply it to the clip on track.
When Auto Apply is on: Open RX Connect. Clip will be sent automatically to RX. After prozessed and sent back to RX Connect we have to toggle “Auto Apply” to apply it to the clip on track.

In the “Auto Apply” version there doesnt seem to be a change from RX 6.00 to 6.10.
Now, I still would expect that in “Auto Apply” the toggle “Auto Apply” should not be necessary.


Apparently this still is an open issue for which Izotope is responsable.
So, yes, the toggle is still needed when “auto apply” is flagged.




So 8 months after the release of the version that breaks RX, we ware left with a Nuendo version that under some circumstances saves corrupt sessions, the RX issue is still not entirely resolved and a moderator on the oficial Steinberg forum calling the RX thing iZotope issue?

Yes, it’s an Izotope issue, because they are violating the VST specs.
They already solved a part of the problem, and it’s up to them to solve the remaining issues too.


I strongly disagree on this.
Steinberg have changed things with N8, it was working better in N7.

If Nuendo was a car and Steinberg suddenly wanted to change it’s technology from wheels to rails, it would not be the driver’s or or road builder’s fault that suddenly the streets don’t work anymore. Actually I would be rather annoyed that the car would still be pretty much useless 8 months after the “update”.

Again, with severe bugs such as corrupt sessions, gui sluggishness and RX integration still worse than the workflow in N7, I am rather surprised about a moderator on the official Steinberg forum pointing the finger at other companies.

I have already done dialog editing on two 90 min feature movies this year using N8.1 and a lot of RX. I can tell that I have never been working as fast in my sound editors life. I do the the declicking without even stopp playing my tracks. Sending clips to RX via Connect is a lot faster then is has been in N7.
The issue having to toggle “auto apply” is a small nuisance. I just wanted to make sure it is known.


Fair enough if you use the plugin modules, but if you need to send to the editor it’s not as good as in N7.

In N7 I used a key command to send to RX 6 plus the enter key. When sending back I hit my key command, waited for N7 to bring up the window and then hit apply.

In N8 I use the same key command and click on my stored RX Connect button. RX 6 opens and when I’m done I use my same key command to send back to N8 and hit apply. I’m failing to see how this is more difficult, same number of key commands and clicks and, if anything, N8 is much more responsive on receiving the file. Curious if I am missing something here.

if the handle length > 0 in the DOP then the “apply” toggle trick doesn’t work.
For me the functionality of the actually DOP is critical…