RX 8 Connect & DOP Issue

I’m using the latest version of RX 8 and my DOP workflow from RX 7 seems to be messed up. Upon loading DOP with RX Connect, the file gets transferred to RX correctly. But, when I hit ‘Send Back’ after treatment, it either goes back to the main Nuendo window with the DOP window shut or does nothing when I hit apply in the DOP window. Hitting apply, half the times sends me back to RX with all my processing removed.

When I sometimes try this with a blank session, it seems to work fine. :confused:

Apparently, there was a fix for this issue: https://support.izotope.com/hc/en-us/articles/360032637174-How-to-use-RX-Connect-in-Steinberg-Cubase-or-Nuendo with a footnote about an endless offline processing loop.

Is anyone else experiencing this in RX 8?

This is exactly what shoud have been fixed in 8.1. We had a thread here about it. I havent tried 8.1 myself until now. Will do so tomorrow and give you notice.

Hi Splaaat
Just found time to take a look. Installed RX 8.1. Im on Mac too.
Behavier is the same as has been reportet in 8.0. After hitting “Send Back” in RX8 in approx. have of the cases Nuendo DOP will not come into focus. When hitting “Apply” in DOP then chances are high that audio is sent back to RX (wich undos the work done in RX), and is not applied in Nuendo.
I will send a support request to Izotope. Perhaps you want to do that too.

Yeah, I’ll do the same. Just wanted to confirm that others are experiencing this too.

Now shows on Izotope’s support page that this is a known issue.

Yeah, they copy and pasted the “known issue” from 8.0 to 8.1. Means staying with RX 7 for a while longer…

From Izotop Custumer Care

I do apologize about this inconvenience. The RX team is still working to address this bug with RX connect and Cubase/Nuendo in RX8. Although I don’t have a specific date, we plan to release another update for RX8 this fall. So please be sure to keep an eye on our website and social channels for more info.

Also note that it is totally fine to install both RX7 and RX8 n the same machine. If you need to continue using RX7 in the meantime, please feel free to do so. It won’t causing any problems with the RX8 install.