RX plugins and bypass?

In Nuendo 7 and with RX v4 I encountered two distinct problems with at least Denoiser and Dialog Denoiser when used as inserts;

  1. turning off the plugin (i.e. bypassing it) wouldn’t stick after having saved the project and reopened it (or reverted).

  2. automating the bypass function by clicking on “bypass” would write automation, but I was never able to undo that automation write.

    Does anyone know if this was ever solved with either Nuendo 7 / RX higher than v4, or Nuendo 8 / RX v4 (or higher)…???

Dialog Denoiser is a known problematic plugin when used as an insert.
I like to think of it as an offline tool.

Both issues are long standing Izotope issues and can only be solved by izotope.
And there are more of that kind. Impossible to use them as inserts/with automation.
These problems are still present in RX6.


Thanks guys.

I would prompt Isotope to deal with this but they basically left v4 behind as far as Nuendo is concerned, and if they haven’t fixed this yet I doubt they will. Unfortunate.


For 90% of what I do I agree with denoising offline. It’s the other 10% when time doesn’t really permit messing about in the separate editor and finding a spot to ‘sample’ the noise/room tone when having it on an insert becomes a viable required option.


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