RX11 Advanced Problem - keyboard focus bug with N13

I am having a big problem with RX11 in N13. If I use any RX11 plugin on a clip then I cannot use ANY keyboard functions while that clip is active and the DOP panel is open. It’s like RX11 is hogging the app focus or something?

If assign another plugin via the DOP panel so an RX11 app is not the last used or close the DOP panel I can then use my keyboard.

Currently RX11 is unusable in Nuendo 13 for me.

I do not have this problem with RX10 advanced plugins.

Anyone else experiencing similar?

First off: I hope you installed a demo and did not by it on release, izotope is infamous for their bugs and especially reintroducing them.
I always wait for a first bug fix update nowadays.
Keyboard focus issues is a new one for me, but maybe this is an old bug ? Not a n13 issue so i would contact izotope. Unless it is also a problem in n12. So try to rule out who is the culprit here. And check all possible settings in the plugins.

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Uep, Thats why i wait to upgrade :slight_smile: ut om between if i am going to upgrade to nuendo 13 from cubase 13. cant decide. I produce mix alot of different stuff and work with 4 different projects now and 3 colab with totalt different grens and master at “hobby level” compared to måmga here. produces most things, but no film or anything you see you do with nuendo. is it worth it for a misic producer with a hybrid setup. and likes to have opportunities. but thinking nuendo without a consoll. what do you think would be the advantages of upgrading to nuendo when you still have isotope everythimg?

I’ve not use Cubase so not sure of the differences but I have a composer friend that started using Nuendo a little while back and is very happy. I do know Nundo will serve you very well if you are looking at doing more audio post production work and I assume it will cover all of you music needs. It looks like there are some pretty good deals going at the moment too.

Ye there is, and nuendo is m y the same but more, but it fels like its more stable, maby coz they do fixerad faster on. Nuendo coz its bigger money and Yamaha and film ect. Its a bigger wolf that bark there :slight_smile:

Yes the same problems happens in N12.

Sadly I just purchased it as that has worked out for me OK in the past. I’m hoping the clever people will sort this out.

Then you will have to hope izotope will eventually fix it. Don’t get your hopes up high though

So it looks like it is a keyboard focus problem relating to RX11.

When I mouse click in the project window a white border appears around the project window to show it is active and when I mouse click anywhere in the mixer a white border appears around the mixer window to show it is now active.

When I apply an RX11 plugin or touch a clip that has an RX11 plugin on it the white border around the project window disappears and I can’t use the keyboard at all. If I click on the same clip again the whit border reappears around the project wind and I can use the keyboard again.

This only happens with RX11 plugins.

This is happening in Windows 11.

I hope it is an easy fix.

After RX10 Advanced, I only bought the RX11 Standard update. There is apparently not the slightest problem here under Windows 11 N13.0.30. Everything works as usual under RX10.
I activated “always on top” for the plugins.

Yes RX10 Advanced is all good here too, only RX11 Advanced is giving me grief. I also have plugins always on top enabled. Im going to try another computer later today.

I also have the same problem on different computer. I spoke to a friend today with a similar setup and he was able to replicate the issue too.

Got my RX11 yesterday, works good for me.

I’m jealous. Every time I add any RX11 process to a clip, or touch a clip with any RX11 process on it, I have to select the clip again or click anywhere on the project UI to get my keyboard back

Is it stuttering? Do you have a video?

I have both RX10 and RX11 installed same with Ozone 10 and 11 hehe. Dont understand why whey cant auto load 11 plugins from 10. Its AI hehe

I do have video but no stuttering. Once I get control of my keyboard back playback is great.