.rx2 files and beat alignment in MediaBay

Is there any way to align .rx2 files to project beat when listening them in the Media Bay?

Beat alignment works great for .wav files or pattern banks, but I haven’t managed to get it to work with .rx2 files (which should be more than appropriate!).

If it can’t be done in Cubase 6-5, I would like to formally request that feature for the next update or upgrade, please :slight_smile:

Same question (and feature request). This seems more like a bug than a lack of a feature, though. if the media bay can sync wav files to tempo on preview, then it should work even better with rex files which take all the guess work out of syncing.

EDIT: Also, if FLAC is officially supported by cubase now, why doesn’t the media bay see flac files?

RX2 files have always been a chore to deal with in Mediabay. They never work. I have been forced to use UVI Workstation since Mediabays inception in Cubase 4 to get it working. We are talking like 4+ years ago now. If it isn’t fixed by now, I am wondering if it ever will be.

The FLAC argument is a good one too, I have never looked into it personally, but they should be supported since Cubase does, unless there is a problem with Mediabay decoding the FLAC on the fly for playback. I hope this can be remedied in the future since I am starting to take advantage more and more of FLAC since I got Cubase 6.5 a couple months back.

Considering that .rx2 files are pre-chopped and contains timing info this is very strange. What’s the problem? How can it be that Steinberg, after several years, still haven’t implemented it properly? Lack of skill? Or will?

It seems to me as if they really don’t want to support .rx2 files.

Propellerheads have a firm hold on the rex format, so it might be a license thing (ever wonder why recycle is still the only rex editor on the market?). On the other hand, Steinberg seem to hate proprietary formats, unless it’s one of their own :smiley:

I can see and preview flac files in my mediabay browser…no problem

+1 :laughing:

Fxpasnsions Geist can read and edit rex files…

You resurrected a 6 month old thread to share that? :unamused:
So can battery, reason, RMV and a bunch of other programs and VSTi’s, but that’s irrelevant and completely misses the point of the thread, which is:
Why does cubase have problems sync-ing rex files, a format that is inherently tempo sync-ed, when previewing them in the media bay? A program that officially supports rex files (a.k.a. Cubase) should, in fact, support them.

I suppose it didn’t make to Cubase 7. Steinberg seems to forget about simple but necessary things. I wouldn’t want to think it’s because they don’t sell as much as new features…

correct this bug, formats rex , acid not correctly play not synchronously with the project

Guys, lets push this issue to the op again. About time that Media Bay supports rex. As you mention above, its in fact very simple to set up. :exclamation:

This has NEVER worked properly (right back to cubase 4)

Read this from 2011 →

It is time, Steinberg!


I have been waiting years for this to happen!!!

I have to use Ableton Live as a rewire just for this function and hate having to rewire!!!

Why will you not do this after people have been requesting it for many years?

It would be great to right click and slice to groove agent from the media bay!!!

This is the way I produce and it has me leaning more towards Ableton live.

I find Cubase to slow for things like this and to have it all would make Cubase a more fully loaded DAW.



Stop spamming, it’s quite annoying. Thanks.

Really? Its not as annoying as paying for things that do not work and when you post to try and get some attention and feedback the only reply you get is stop spamming! thanks…

Well, you did get attention. I’m not Steinberg, and posting the same thing 300 times won’t get their attention anyway. There’s a thing called support for that outside these forums.

Besides, this is a Cubase 6 forum, so anything new certainly won’t happen for Cubase 6.

I thought i was losing my mind or had missed a setting… im happy that im not insane but its totally insane that media bay cant sync rex files.

This should just work.