Rx4 connect crashing for you too?


Idk when and how this happened… But… Rx4 connect semi crashes cubase with the :
A serious problem has occurred. Please try to save your project etc.etc.etc.
Crashdump… Blablabla


Can anybody shed some light onto this?


PC or MAC? I use it with OS X sierra and there has never been any problems.

it crashes when you hit your key commands too fast.
you need to make sure that it has some time to do whatever it wants to do (probably writing and renaming temp files)

Im on windows…

And it crashes when i want to commit the change… (Last step)

Edit : Omg… U are right… I need to sit around and twirl my thumbs and wait a while before i commit the changes…then it doesnt crash…lolol

Cheers m8:)