RX4 connect

Ok, now I understand what you’re saying.

I have to admit that I haven’t studied up on how the new version saves (“RX document” it’s called I believe). But off the top of my head I’d say that if you need to have the process saved in order to go back and tweak it then hitting ‘save’ before sending back should do the trick. Of course you’re then left with two potential problems; 1: Will reopening the file be cumbersome, and 2: Will a reopened file be the one automatically sent back to Nuendo that second time around…?

Like I hinted at above I’ve resigned myself -for now- to “commit” changes in Nuendo/RX. I simply will choose what degree of processing to do in RX and then forget about it having been done, counting on either being able to recreate it quickly or it being done right the first time.

Same here- appreciate the discussion!

Sorry if this was covered already, but is there anyway to send more than one clip via connect? This system really was only meant for Pro Tools.

You can read my findings on it here.

I don’t recall ever seeing iZotope representatives saying it was only meant for Pro Tools.

“I don’t recall ever seeing iZotope representatives saying it was only meant for Pro Tools.”

No of course not, just seems like that’s the audience they were really building for.

You can read my findings on it here.

Thanks. So it’s as bad as it seems. Sonic (Soundblade) NoNoise is the same price these days, makes me wonder about the workflow differences. If NoNoise will simply work with the existing Steinberg offline model it seems like it would be better for us. This one clip at a time thing is crippling.

But it depends on what you want to achieve.

For using EQmatch or Ambiencematch you need to be in RX (if I understand correctly), so those are the times you really need to send/receive clips between the two. If you’re doing DeNoising etc you can still use the offline processes without using RX standalone, just like you did before.

So there’s a lack of enhancement of the workflow in general, and an inconvenience in workflow for the new functionality. So I’d say if you need those two new functions then it’s still worth it probably, and if you don’t then you can either stay on RX3 or simply use RX4 the way you did before. Spectral Repair hasn’t changed much from RX3 I think, so you can still use RX3’s version as offline.

I agree with this.

What I’ve found is that the bar is much higher for my editing work because of this. In my workflow I do certain ‘tasks’ first and then follow with other tasks. To deal with the single-clip issue I end up consolidating events into a longer single file to be treated in RX. Of course when this is done I’m locking myself into a corner, especially when sending it back to Nuendo. So the only real solution is to make better choices before then.

So the biggest problem for me is really when things that are outside of my control change. If there are re-edits that need to be conformed, possibly with new content, it is always easier to have access to all the previous edits in a non-destructed workflow. Clearly here that doesn’t apply as easily. So to me the most important thing is to adapt my workflow to deal with this.

… so, am I to infer, that the restorative features in Wavelab are no match for RX?

Yeah not in the same ball park. Wavelab actually bundles Sonnox restoration plugs. Not as good by a long shot.

Hi all - wondering what luck you’re having with RX Connect. I’m at about 65% success rate right now.

Nuendo is crashing quite a bit when connecting files back from RX4 Advanced to Nuendo 6.5. I think I’ve narrowed it down -

Working on an extensive dialogue edit for a short film, most shots are LONG (in time) so pulling a lot of PFX from the parent region matching the cut. I’m on an NR pass of the PFX, RX Connecting the region from Nuendo > RX4 Adv, processing, then RX Connecting them back from RX4 Adv > Nuendo. I’m noticing that when I send a region from PFX (again, edited from the main recorded track, obvs.) to RX4, the entire parent region is showing up to be processed in RX4. I’ve only cut out the door slam, but the entire track shows up. As you would expect, when I Connect the next region, (a door open, from the same file but later in time) the entire parent region shows up in RX, again. Connecting the files back successfully can mean multiple copies of the same file.

Like I said, I have success but not nearly as much as I would like. I’m wondering if there’s a Nuendo pref in regards to file handling that I should have selected. As a workaround, I’m RX Connecting files from Nuendo to RX, processing, then simply exporting from RX to a folder with files to import with new, TC-based filenames. Would love to hear any suggestions.

iMac, Mac OS 10.8.5, Nuendo 6.5.3, Apogee Duet

Its a drag but you could bounce audio in place before connecting - create new files. Easier than exporting from RX to a new folder.

There is a pref in Nuendo to ask you if you want to create a new file after offline processing, but I think it defaults to “on”. Either way, it won’t help with what’s being sent to RX. I think bounce before RX is the only solution.

What’s weird is that I at first had no problems with Nuendo crashing using RX connect, then all of a sudden I started getting them. The experience is similar: Select event in Nuendo, connect it to RX, edit in RX and send it back, and then upon using connect to “re-import” it I get a dialog box and Nuendo freezes with no way out except for a “force quit”.

I did update to the latest version of RX but it changed nothing. So I agree, either bounce audio or skip ‘connect’ all together. I’m inclined to do the latter now. No time for frozen apps and then having to redo work.

Very disappointed this doesn’t work better.

Agreed, Lydiot - I upgraded thinking it would solve the issue, but it appears that the more I use it, the more consistent the problem becomes.

One of the issues I think I’m coming up with is duplicate file names on the way back to Nuendo, without matching files. After a crash, I’ll reopen my session and pick up where I left off. I think that, despite that Nuendo didn’t import the file into the timeline, a file with an identical name has replaced the original at that point. Re-opening the session and reconnecting what I thought was the original file caused crashes on way back to Nuendo over and over. Not 100% sure, but I think this is a cause of my headache.

Again, workflow killer. Definitely bounce the files before sending to Connect and Connect them back if that’s how you want to work - if you don’t bounce, it appears that the original TC metadata (origin) is erased after exporting from RX. Additionally, if you don’t bounce, you’re left with a TC-less PARENT file with no time information for sync.


Just confirmed that the problem on my end involves a duplicate filename, perhaps originating in Nuendo. I’ve found that bouncing the file twice, and using the last (2nd) file as the file to process in RX alleviates the crashing for now.

Alright, so processed a file in RX via RX Connect, sent back to Nuendo, Connected no problem. Cut a piece of that just Re Connected region, sent that to RX via Connect, processed, sent back to Nuendo and got a crash.

I’m working on a show right now so I won’t have time to test until later. I noticed however that after a crash Nuendo would revert to the previous version of the file. This to me is bizarre since I would think RX would either a) write to original file, or b) write to new file and tell Nuendo to reference that new file. However, if it’s the latter I would expect to find that file somewhere on my computer, and I haven’t so far. If I did, at the very least I could re-import that into Nuendo after it’s rebooted. As it stands now not only is my Nuendo crashing and restarting without the latest cleanup in RX, the file disappears in RX after the attempted connect leaving me with lost work, period.

But I suspect you may be right. I started bouncing files before connecting and it worked for a while, but I also haven’t paid attention to how or if I labeled those bounced files. I’ll do some testing since my hunch was what yours is, that something is funky with duplicates. Perhaps relabeling will help…

I sure appreciate this thread. I’ve been slammed since RX4 showed up, and based on all of this I’ve sidestepped the Spectral Editor/ RX Connect thing completely. I’m running the regularly offline processable RX4 plugins as key commands, but am, as Lydiot suggested earlier, sticking with the RX3 Spectral Editor. Wish I had time to jump in on the testing.

Sure wish they hadn’t removed it, but the old one still does the job as well as it ever did.


My previous workflow (that I’m still using since connect ain’t workin’) is to just create a separate track called “to rx” and then move any event on there in the dialog edit process, then bounce it, then switch over to RX and import a bunch at a time. I then just export back to the audio folder and import back in Nuendo to a “from rx” track and line up. With ‘connect’ being so wonky it’s actually just as fast once key commands are set.