RX7 and DOP


I use Nuendo 10.3 and Izotope RX7. I used RX7 in DOP with 10.2 with no issue, but with N10.3 I can’t. RX7 is unavailable in DOP.

That’s odd; you might want to check your plugin manager. It’s working fine on 10.3 over here; haven’t had any problems other than the funky implementation issues we all have experienced.


Thanks Chewy. I’ll look at the plugin manager ASAP (it’s night where I live just now).

Bon chance! (I hope intuition serves here…)


It’s very strange. I have a new MacBook Pro, and the iLok account see the plugs on the iLok key, they are listed in the plugin manager, but they are greyed out (not blacklisted). I don’t understand. Same for Altiverb and Speakerphone on a second iLok.

I founded the culprit. I deleted the “Plugin Manager.xml” file in the Nuendo 10.3 preferences folder and restarted Nuendo. I have just to recreate my plugins collections.

Thx Chewy

Glad you figured it out; sorry you have to go through all of that reconstructive trouble.