I just upgraded my RX4 to RX8. I only installed the 64bit version. I opened Nuendo and it told me that the Plugin was BLACKLISTED! :scream: WTH?

Can anybody help me get this working in Nuendo 10? :confused:

This happened to me recently too. Izotope support told me that Nuendo will blocklist the VST2 plugins (!) but the VST3 versions will work.

After rebooting they disappeared from the block list. Go figure.

Edit: I may have manually deleted the VST2 versions - I was doing a bit of tidying up of redundant plugins at the same time.

So, I have to un-install/re-install RX8 and custom select the VST3 versions?

Only if you didn’t install the VST 3 versions initially, yes. If you selected both VST2 & VST3 initially, just delete the .dll’s of the VST2’s - no need to bother with running the installer again. In fact, from memory I think the iZotope installer won’t actually delete VST2’s if you un-select them when running it again (meaning you have to just delete them manually in any case).

FWIW, when installing new plugins if I get the option I always only just pick the VST 3 versions these days. I don’t have any programs which can’t use VST3 now, obviously YMMV depending on what other programs you run.