RX8 VST3 not showing up on M1 Machine?

Hi WL Peeps,

Just updated to an m1 mac studio, everything is going pretty swell, however, I have multiple RX installations - RX7, RX8, and RX9 (all used at different times on past but ongoing projects).

I confirmed my RX8 installation is vst3 and 64 bit, but only RX9 is showing up in WL11 when running natively on M1.

Can anyone advise or confirm they’re seeing same? I don’t even see the option for RX7 or RX8 - they’re just not showing up. However, I DO see them scan, and I’ve forced re-scan multiple times.

Thanks much,

I don’t think RX8 supports the M1 natively. You’ll have to use Rosetta to use these old versions of iZotope RX.

You were totally right, and I should have caught that - thank you! I’m still getting used to the nuances here, and I forgot that vst3 and 64 bit were not the only requisites for m1 compatibility.

Thanks much,

My UADX plugins show up in wavelab plug-in manager as 32 bit float, and yes they scan and they work. Of course the regular UAD VST2 plugins do not. This seems to indicate that there is either a bug in Wavelab or VST3 32 bit float plugs are fine with Wavelab.

VST2 plugins do not work in Apple Silicon mode in 11.1 so this means none of the traditional UAD plugins will show up. UA never made VST3 versions of these.

Only the UADx plugins work in Apple Silicon mode because they are VST3. As you probably know, only a few UA plugins have made it to the UADx platform so far so you don’t get much.

“32 bit float” refers to audio processing precision input/output. This isn’t the same as the plugin being compiled for a 32-bit CPU. Many 64-bit plugins have 32 bit float I/O.

Ah, that makes sense! Thx!