RX9 is out

See: iZotope Deals

I’m avoiding Izotope like the plague now.

And the reason for that is???

Because I prefer Steinberg stuff. But I don’t mean to discourage other interested parties.

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I use iZotope programs and find them helpful. Their customer service is unrelenting and this is always appreciated - they want you to be happy.

Funny thing about the update to RX9 (IMO) is the fact that on the same day they introduced RX9 they also updated RX8 (after almost two years of it’s introduction). I updated to RX9 but for now have kept RX8 active as well. Honestly, they seem to behave identically. Moving on, I really like that WaveLab has created the option to open a wave file in RX and I use this quite a bit.

This said, the Steinberg products in WL and Cubase are good, too.

With my workflow, I’ve had to revert back to RX 8.1 because RX 8.5 and RX9 are too unstable.

iZotope might put on a good front but their products are sorely under-updated and under-tested in my experience.

It’s too bad because the tools themselves are good but the lack of maintenance updates and overall stability have me looking for alternatives.



On my PC they are super stable. Are you using a Mac?

Mac. After a couple days of screwing around with it it’s somewhat usable but it’s definitely really crashy. Way more crashy than any other version I remember.

Simply clicking the X on a WAV file tab to close it crashes it every single time for me.

I have RX 8 Advanced. TBH, I mainly use the WL built in editor. It really rewards the time getting to know it.

I use RX several years now on Windows and here it is very stable too. A helpfull workhorse.

RX’s Mouth Declick module is what keeps me coming back, again and again. That gives me the quickest results in dealing with the most common artifacts I see here. Also, I have yet to find spectrum display settings in WaveLab’s Audio Editor that are as clear to me as RX’s, though I’m sure they’re there!

Same. And until RX9, it’s been a relatively stable app as far as crashing but RX9 is crashing like crazy for me while doing simple things such as X’ing out a File Tab to close it or selecting the lasso tool, or while trying to use it as an external editor for REAPER or WaveLab.

Seems to be somewhat specific to my configuration at this time.