Ryzen 5, 7 or 9 performance? (Cubase 10)

I’m a singer-songwriter and about to buy a new CPU for my PC.
I want some real-life examples of how Cubase copes with multiple Audio & MIDI Tracks.

I want to hear from anyone who has a Ryzen 5, 7 or 9.

I’m hoping that Ryzen 7 will be sufficient :slight_smile:
I appreciate any help :slight_smile:

In my experience, Cubase copes well with multiple audio and MIDI tracks.

Sufficient for what?
A computer rig used as a DAW is only as powerful as it’s weakest link. You can have a fabulous, top of the line CPU but end up with poor performance due to a weak FSB or a poor ASIO drive or an interfering USB device or… You see where I’m going here.
You may find some interesting data from benchmark tests at DAWBench.

The only real advice I can soundly give is to use a professional PC builder that builds computers for A/V professionals. Anything else introduces varying degrees of gamble.

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5950x 16 core…Cubase performs fantastic. Tons of CPU power.

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Can I ask… What is your Coomputer spec:
Motherboard name, RAM, Graphics Card, Audio Interface, Cubase version, Windows Version, etc ?
Because I’m also going to be getting a new motherboard.
I already got a decent graphics card,
So I’m hoping to pair up the new CPU with a Motherboard which doesnt cause any bottlenecks.
It would be great if you can list your specs, maybe useful for my decisions :slight_smile:

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i think unless you are doing some crazy orchestral stuff with 100+ tracks of heavy VIs… just about any modern laptop system will do. it actually doesn’t take lots of computing power to do audio. video is another story.

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Thank you very much :slight_smile:
wow! 128GB Ram
your graphics card wasnt on the list… do you happen to know it, off-hand?

Is there anything you would have changed about your computer spec? ie: are you happy with the motherboard & graphics card?

My HP laptop is Windows 11 with a Ryzen 5/16GB/500GB/Presonus Studio24c. Cubase 12 works fine here. I did have to do some tweaking such as remove AUEPMaster.exe - AMD User Experience Program executable which was introducing pops and clicks. I also disabled the onboard soundcard in Device Manager as well as other tweaks I learned online.


Nothing impressive or problematic with this graphic card…works fine for Cubase.

The CPU I really want is the Ryzen 5800X

Many people online saying how it runs hot, and others advising you can easily reduce the temp to a good level by decreasing the PPT, TDC and EDC in the BIOS.

Each person has their own particular amount which they reduce the PPT, TDC & EDC. So that is for me to experiment with.

Does this sound like an ok approach to deal with this situation? or is it silly of me to be buying a CPU which knowingly runs hot ?

Multiple topics for the same questions are not necessary.

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