S-gear is half white and half have graphics

S-gear plugin

is half white and half have graphics since 10.0.20 and not fixed in 10.0.30.


Most probably HiDPI issue…

Makes no difference if HiDPI is on or off.


Interesting information.

Can you get in touch with the plug-in vendor, please? Is there any statement from them?


I see this as well with s-gear. As a workaround, if you click ‘Activate Effect’ to deactivate s-gear, then click again to activate, then the bottom half of s-gear appears. Hope this helps.


Yes, I’ve been in touch and it appears to be only happening with Cubase 10.0.20 and above.

Mike at Scuffham posted 2 months ago on his support forum


Thanks for reporting.
We have notified Steinberg to ask if they can resolve this for the next build of Cubase. S-GEAR is reporting the window size change.
In the meantime you can click the plug-in bypass button twice to refresh the plug-in view. Or as suggested, click one of the minimise buttons on the rack.

So if this is still the status, seems like we may be stuck with those workarounds until Steinberg fixes the issue in a future Cubase update? Its a bit odd that only S-Gear is affected by the 10.0.20 update and other plug-ins seem to generally function OK.

According to a recent post on that forum it appears that the issue has not been fixed in 10.0.30.

Sill not fixed in 10.0.50 either although it seems difficult to believe it is a Cubase problem. Incompatibility between Scuffham and Steinberg. I wish they would sort it out one way or another.

Fixed in S-Gear 2.9

I’ve had similar issue with Arturia plugins. They’ve sorted it out on their part.