S-gear with Cubase issues

I am having this issue when using S-gear in Cubase. Note this only happens in Cubase. It does not happen in Ableton. For whatever reason the plugins graphics are not displayed properly. The developer of S-gear said that is an error in Cubase. I can attest that this happened after the first updates in Cubase 10. The initial release of Cubase 10 did not have these issues. Any thoughts?

I had/have the same issue with S-Gear in Cubase 10.

I found that if I simply change the preset (in S-Gear) to the next one and then back again, it seems to correct this problem.

Hope that works for you.

I am just curious as to why this started happening in Cubase 10?

I have lots of VST instruments as well as guitar plugins. S-Gear is the only one that behaves this way. It may have to do with
Cubase’s HDPI implementation & compatibility of S-Gear’s graphics engine.

I would say that it’s up to S-Gear to update their graphics