S&H LFO Sync broken in FX Resonator

If the S&H LFO in the FX Resonator is set to tempo-synced it works only when not running the DAW, as soon as I start Logic X, the modulation goes all mayhem and does’t respond to the speed setting at all, something is broken here.

Hi Simon,

I just tried this in Logic X 10.3.1.

Unfortunately, I was not able to reproduce this. The S&H worked as expected, with and without the DAW running.

Maybe, some interference with automation? But, this is only a guess.

Please let me know, if you have more hints.



Hi Matthias,
There is no automation, just the patch with the (broken) LFO, also I’m getting the same problem with a tempo-synced filter envelope assigned to level, it’s running at audio rate speed and not syncing to host tempo at all, no matter how I set the sync settings.