S90 XS Mic Input

Every dynamic microphone that I’ve put in this things sounds great. Does anyone know the inner makings of the Mic input. It’s not a vintage pre sound of course, but it definitely sounds better than a lot of pre’s I’ve used. I am very curious to know.


What mic pres have you used?

Being an independent producer I’ve collabed with several project studios using budget preamps in the 200-500 price range… pre’s from Presonus, Art, Studio Projects, etc. This is why I specified that it does not compare to a vintage or more expensive pre. But, to use live or record a mic, the S90 XS mic input works as good as the cheaper pre’s. I should not have said that it sounds “better than” other pres. It surprisingly works well for a mic input on a synthesizer (when I play and sing live and a few times recorded with it in Cubase). Just curious of the specs. Not telling anyone to go buy a S90 XS for a mic pre :laughing:

Well making a semi decent mic pre is very simple and cheap, making a really great mic pre involves a bit more effort and cost.

Yes, the great pres take a lot of effort to make. I just think it’s cool that such a decent input is on the S90 XS, which made me curious about the specs. A lot of effort was obviously involved in making this synthesizer. :wink: