S90ES sound in H4 ?


I was searching the forums for this but never found a clear statement: is the S90ES piano sound that was implemented in Halion One (and as far as I know also in Halion Sonic SE) also available in H4 (probably with another name) ? Im a user of Cubase 5 so I dont have SE available.

regards, humphrey


yes, the Yamahs S90ES Piano is part of the HalionSonic SE Library and shows up in Halion 4.

Gr, Mike

Hi Mike,

thanks for your answer. Its strange as I cant find the sound. Could it be that it is named differently?

regards, humphrey


it´s exact the same name. But you need Cubase6 and HalionSE installed.


this is the explanation as I only have Cubase 5,

kind regards, humphrey

Hi Humphrey,

I’ve been using the Yamaha S90ES Piano in Cubase 5 (through Halion One). I was using it for playback of my son’s homework scores (which I kindly type in for the young ingrate :smiley: ). I just upgraded Halion Sonic to Halion 4.

I have the same thing going on: S90ES is not available within Halion 4. I just carried on using S90ES through Halion One within Cubase. That doesn’t solve it in standalone though.
This doesn’t help you I know; I just wanted to say you’re not alone on this one.


Hi Parlachin,

thanks a lot for your posting this. To be serious: Im not really in trouble with the missing S90ES. It would have been nice to have this sound available in H4 with lower RAM consumption than I have at the moment. I dont use VSTis for recording purpose in Cubase only but also for use on stage with special live hosts. Here the problem was I hadn`t available the S90ES sound on them as it is bundles to Cubase.

I decided to do me some favor and sampled the whole S90ES instrument in Cubase and imported the samples into Halion 3. So I principally have available S90ES in H3 and now also in H4. For 2 reasons I would have been happy to have it available as standard sound in H4:

  1. Probably the finetuning of the sound may be better than my sampled version (but I do not really hear a difference to be serious)
  2. The RAM consumption should be dramatical lower than in my case: I sampled 8 velocity steps for every note of the instrument without loopings which leads to about 2GBytes!

So maybe Ill by Cubase 6 some day but Im able to have the S90ES available on stage at the moment.

Nevertheless thanks for clearification und kind regards, humphrey

I have the S90es in H4!?. The name is “YAMAHA S90ES Piano” and should be come from “EXP_YMH_001_S90ES_Piano.hsb / EXP_YMH_001_S90ES_Piano_Set1.hsb” i think.
Maybe the path to these files is missing in your H4-Mediabay?

Yes, it’s there, YAMAHA S90ES Piano, in HALion 4


I found the .hsb library where S90ES is placed but H4 prohibits to import it. Are both of you users of C6 ?

regards, humphrey

I didnt import the .hsb. The preset was simply there :wink:.
The content for Halion, HalionHSB, HalionOne, HalionSE is stored in one folder here (moved them on my samplelib-hd) and I had nothing more to do.

Cubase6 here. But i see the preset in the standalone-version too.

Same here, after installing HALion 4 (used in Cubase 6.0.0. and stand alone) all the presets were there incl. the YAMAHA S90ES Piano

No sorry,

I find the soundfiles in C/ProgramData/Steinberg/Content but alway when I try to register the sound I get the following message:

“Content file(s) not supported and cannot be registered: EXP_YMH_001_S90ES_Piano.hsb”

I think it really depends on Cubase 6.

Nevertheless thanks a lot for the kind support,

regards, humphrey

I get the exact same error message Humphrey. I’m getting a slightly annoyed with this particular issue.

I could try moving the halion one vst or hsb files around the various folders but it’s hit and miss (with too many permutations) and may not be a solution anyhow.

Do you know how to ask Steinberg for help on this?


Hi Parlanchin,

I think the only way is to log in to “My Steinberg” and chose the “Support Request Form”. There you can leave a request.

Good luck and please keep us informed if you get any new informations,

kind regards, humphrey