Saving my project takes over 10 sec… Why? :neutral_face:

And the autosaves always wait till i hit stop, and then it saaaaaaaves and stop my nice flow when working.

I’ve heard this is a PC problem only? Please help.
Lynx AES16
Intel i7 950
UAD2 quad

Known issue and there is nothing that we can do about it. It really sucks

No word from SB that its being acknowedged or worked on

Nuendo/Cubase is a great tool , but this is a creative block.

I could accept it if it was like this for everybody (like rewinding the tape), but it’s not… so in a way it feels that someone is making me wanna switch,

This is problem indeed. I was trying to find the reason of long saving (that was not music project) and found that it happend mostly because of amount of automation dots within project. Try to reduce the number of dots and also try to lunch NUENDO in 64bit mode. May be it will help.

Does everybody have this problem?
Safes/autosafe times are very fast, here, and Autosafe is not noticeable and never interrupting work.
But sure, otoh, I don’t use automation that extensively…

Big K

Mmm, on Win or Mac??
As far as I know, it’s a Windows issue…
Here (Win7-64) the problem has been reduced with 5.5v, but is still there.
Especially annoying in autosave!

I have had the issue since cubase 5.5 and nuendo 5. The larger the project, the longer the save time. Auto-save takes the same amount of time to save and it always auto saves when you are in the middle of working.

This is a problem in Cubase 5+ as well.

It depends on these things - and if you do not use them or if you use them just a little then you have no problems:

  • offline processing of Antares Autotune (curves are stored in project file - quite cool, but blows the file up)
  • the use of that melodyne style vari-audio stuff in the sample editor - this is stored as well in the project file
  • lots of midi tracks, maybe with controller data etc - stored in the project file as well
  • automation
  • edits

I have to say that you need quite a lot of automation and edits to slow the saaaaaave down. Vari-Audio is more effective here.

I have single songs with about 6-10 tracks of heavy edited / tuned vox - project file is about 50-100 MB. Saving takes about 10 sec. If I freeze/permanently fix the editing the project file is small again and saving will be fast again.

Smaller, regular projects - for example a mastering or a smaller mix - needs just fragments of a second to save.

I tend to record/mix metal-albums in one big project because drums/guit etc are all the same during the songs - here I had to deal with cprs or nprs of about 200-300 MB. Very nasty, that saving time then.

So, as you can see - the reason because “some have it and some not” is caused by the individual workflow… Its like with a lot of other “bugs n issues” I have to deal with… Usually most of the folks are just telling me “oooh no, not here”. I am quite tired of all those bugs n issues…

I mix and edit films. Even short films will have complexed routing and automation of parameters and plugs on just about every track. This save issue is so annoying. By the time I’m in the mix stage, my saves and autosaves are taking up to 20+ seconds. I agree that this seems to be slightly better in 5.5 but seriously there should be no delay at all. I own PT9 and cptk and if it were not for the ram limitations, this save bug is the sort of thing that will make me want to start a job in PT instead. So it’s a race to see what happens first, 64bit pro tools or no save delay in nuendo.

I just worry that it’s another one of those things that SB doesn’t think is that important since it varies between users.

I even switched of auto-safe in a very big project some time ago because I had 10-20 sec of save-delay and this was a big pain during recording.

But I lost 3 hours of work that way because I am so used to the “every 10 min automatic saving” that I completely forgot to manually save during a hot-recording session… And usually I do not have crashes… usually… But sometimes it can happen.

I do not know why it isn’t possible to save-in-background so that we have not a frozen Nuendo/Cubase.

I have to add that it looks frightening to clients when all those fancy meters and lights which are stretched over 4 screens temporary freeze completely for 15 sec… with me… sitting in front of that scenario, waiting, 15 seconds… doing nothing. While someone is standing beside me, wanting to play or listen or something.



So bad when clients are here.

i agree the saving times appear to be getting longer and are becoming more frustratiing.

It reminds me of when i used an Atari and the save times were similar because everything was saved on a 3.5 inch floppy disk.
But i remember being astonished how quick the save times were when i first moved over to Cubase VST, seems like what goes around comes around!


To avoid scaring clientele, I always say “Cmon Nuendo , save me safe” or something else to let them know the program is saving the project.

It really is frustrating. It should not take that long to save, PERIOD.

Huge +1

and then + 1 000 000


I feel embarrased everytime the autosave kicks in when hitting stop.
When we have been doing some cool stuff and are on a flow, the flow stops because of this. 10-15 sec waiting… waiting…waiting…waiting…waiting…waiting…waiting…waiting…waiting…waiting…waiting…

I thought Cubase/Nuendo were made to be CREATIVE tools :cry:

very annoying in a vocal session…hit stop for the next overdub…
the singers are waiting for the computer to save… :blush:
fix this ASAP please !


yes, we are aware of this problem. It way too slow, we know. Unfortunately we couldn’t address this yet because it requires some restructuring, which made it too risky for the last mainenance updates.
It is on my list and I think we can fix this before the next major version.

Thanks for your patence.

although he did say think, he also did say BEFORE the next major update no?