SAC 2.2 support gone, as well as MCR8, Houston, Tascam US428- bring them back?


congrats on what seems to be a good update, but why did you drop the support for the SAC-2k. It is a great controller,…still running:), I like to use it. I don’t see no reason why with the arrival of the EUCON(very welcome) another has to go. Of course, I could use the Mackie HUI protocol but I like the “native” one better. Any chance to have it back?

Cheeers R

Sorry for being at it again, but the question arises:
Why remove the latter mentioned controllers before the Controller API is finished and hopefully capable of presenting a solution,or (at least) a workaround?

  • Radical Technologies (SAC-2K)
  • Roland MCR8
  • Steinberg Houston
  • Tascam US428

Best R

Good point!


I agree mate the support for my SAC 2.2 has been removed from Cubase 11 and I am not happy at all. I also have mentioned it in a post but no one has replied.


Another one here missing support for the SAC. I was going to use it now for a mix just to realize it vanished from the list…why is that ? Please Steinberg support, can you clarify ? I’d rather go back to Cubase 10.5 than to dump this controller.

Can anyone tell me how to set it up via MAckie HUI as described above please ?

check out the discussion: STEINBERG HOUSTON CONTROLLER - where is it?:

Thank you ! Although this is another protocol, there is hope they’ll implement it again with the update. Steinberg …pleaaaseeee…

Please Steinberg can you include SAC 2.2 driver as an option in the next update of Cubase as I’m still using V10 because it isn’t supported in V11?