SAC thread compromised


I just saw that the SAC 2.2 controller support thread got closed. Apparently it got compromised by fake accounts, as @Matthias_Quellmann pointed out.

I was putting quite some time in putting photos and documentation together in order to help @Martin.Jirsak with his outstanding efforts. To see that this efforts are going south now and lead to nothing is quite frustrating.

Whoever thought it was a good idea to push the issue into the limelight this way: It wasn’t.

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Don’t worry, closing the thread doesn’t de-legitimatize the request.

Hey Steve,

I’m not sure if your reply was targeted at my post - according to my notifications there have been 2 replies, but I can only see yours.

Anyways, I’ve received a message from the official support after more than 5 weeks since writing to them. This is frankly spoken a completely unacceptable time frame.

The answer was that the SAC won’t see a comeback in Cubase/Nuendo since it’s not a Steinberg product. I was afraid that this would be the reason for dropping the support of it as mentioned in the original SAC 2.2 support thread.

That reasoning is not acceptable for me. Is this the final decision or is there something happening behind the curtains that the support team doesn’t know yet, @Matthias_Quellmann ?

That count includes spam that has been removed.

Yes, I was talking to you, since you were the OP of the other topic.

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@tannoy71 I can’t see any Steinberg products registered to your account. Could you please sent me your Steinberg account email address first, before we continue this conversation?

Sure, ok…now I see the problem. That account is ages old and I’ve always been using it for the forum. This one is the one you are looking for. Hope this helps, I couldn’t send you a pm from the other account - the messaging field doesn’t appear next to your avatar.

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Hey Matthias,

any news on that matter ?

@Matthias Quellmann, you probably didn’t see my post from last week.

Are there any news regarding the SAC 2.2 support ?

No, news. There are no plans to bring back SAC support.

Ok, thx for the info. That’s disappointing.