Sad piano music

Okay, so I go on youtube and hear all these wonderful songs with just piano and maybe another instrument or so. This was my attempt to make something similar :confused:

Don’t shoot me if it sounds unnatural in anyway. I don’t play any instrument but drums in real life…

it is called “If only you knew”

The piece itself does the job nicely. Well done!

Don’t shoot me if it sounds unnatural in anyway. I don’t play any instrument but drums in real life…

I won’t shoot you!! But it’s not the best sounding piano and the performance is not convincing for me either I’m afraid. I think for solo acoustic piano work you really need to have a much better sounding piano. Apart from using a REAL one of course there are some very good VSTi’s around these days.


Care to explain why it sounds non convincing? I don’t play piano so I don’t really understand I guess.

I’m just a newb who likes to make things so I appreciate that help… :confused:

No advertisement on this clip, so I listened. :wink:

Ian is right, and it’s the main sonic issue with this piece, the piano.
Trying to explain why it sounds unconvincing is like trying to explain
why a wax dummy doesn’t look like a real human—there are just too many
elements that are not “natural”. The piano in this piece sounds like a
synth trying to sound like a piano. Too many synth elements remain
that let the listener know it’s not a real piano, from actual tone to
lack of real-time characteristics (density, sustain, fundamental quality
of the note, etc).

I think if you are keen to explore instrumental stuff, I would at least
recommend getting a decent piano VSTi/sample library. Especially if
the piano is going to be the feature instrument, as it is here. :wink:

I appreciate the challenge you face!

There’s two main issues for me, the one Jet (Pearldivers) talks about which is all to do with the sonic character of the sound which in the case of a piano is particularly complex. The better VSTi’s do capture a lot of the nuance - in fact some are very convincing indeed. Secondly, the performance, i.e. how it was actually played, felt a little stiff, static, stoccato at times - hard to describe really but it just didn’t feel quite as fluid and dynamic as it perhaps should be.

If you like you can send me the MIDI and I can render it here with one of my VSTi pianos. You should be then able to hear the sonic difference we referring to.


Some good advice is to find a real piano recording you really like and then try to match the sound (not the composition/notes) of yours to mimic that sound. This applies to other styles of music also.

The only way you get remotely convincing sounding pianos is to have one of the better libraries and reverb plugins, such as QL Spaces which has some of the top recording halls specifically for piano, and then either play it in as a live recording or if your instrument is guitar like myself and like I read yours is drums then you’ll have to maticulously go through every single note to edit the time the note is hit and released, the pedal sustain controls etc (when they would be pressed down,) and the velocity (how hard and soft the person would have played the notes.)

A good way to increase how well you write for any organic instruments is to learn about how the instrument is played. I watched Youtube videos for violin tutorials for example and it’s improved the realism a lot from thinking about what notes would be portamento/slurred legato/staccato etc in the passages/lines/phrases I am writing.

Writing for a solo instrument you do not play and making it sound convincing is very hard and won’t give good results, which is why I’ve always avoided piano writing for piano. So the best option would be to actually spend time learning piano if it’s one of your goals, because the composition itself just doesn’t sound convincing of how a pianist would compose a piano piece. The notes just don’t stack up to give the right sound of the chords for the melody, even if you use few notes you can still always hear defined harmony in other pieces like this, but you’ll learn that with practice and learning some piano pieces.

Once again, keep up the motivation and learning, practice makes perfect :smiley: