Sad to say I have to go back to 9.5

I like where C10 is going. I just can’t stand all the crashes anymore. BTW: I documented a repeatable one in issues and attached a crash dump. No response yet. I’ve been a Cubase user since SX3. I’ve always kept up with the updates. In all these years I’ve never seen a Cubase release that crashes this much. Not even close. I really wish I hadn’t wasted my time with C10. Thank goodness 9.5 is stable.

I’m sure Steinberg knows that, for its own financial health, these problems must be fixed. That’s why I’m confident they will be. It’s just a real shame that this version made it out into the world. Recent releases have been pretty stable for a while now. This is a giant step backwards. I’m wondering what happened.

Anyway… back to 9.5. I’ll be looking to the next update. Hope it comes soon but more importantly, hope it works.


Could you send me the link to the report with the attached crash dump file(s)? I can’t find it, but I would like to have a look.

Sad cause while I did use C10 before I went back to 9.5, it felt so much snappier than 9.5. But the crashes and pitch shift issue has me back to 9.5 til the next update

Hi Martin, I’m not the OP, but a quick search of the Issues forum located it here (looks like you did take a look already):

Is there any official word on what the issues forum is meant to be used for? Should it be used for “officially” reporting bugs, crashes, etc., like the OP did? Or should those types of things go to support so they get logged? For example, I reported an issue in the forum, another user confirmed it, but I never heard anything official so sent in a support request. For all I know, I’m making extra unnecessary work for support, or I wasted time by posting in the Issues forum. Some clarity around the “procedure/intent” of the Issues forum would be nice so people know how to get issues logged and reported properly.

Thanks Funkybot. I didn’t see this right away.

To all,
Please note that this not the only crash I experience. It was just the most reproducible one. If it were just this one I’d still be in C10. I’ve experienced many crashes that appear random in nature. BTW: I have tried trashing my preferences which helped some issues but the crashes continue. No stability problems at all with C9.5

I found that uninstalling 9.5 cured 90% of my problems. It was though 9.5 and 10 were competing with each other or stumbling over each other. I normally update but this time I installed 10 separately and kept 9.5 on my PC, on reflection that was a bad move. OK I am sure many have various versions living in peace and harmony on their desktops but in my case they hated each other. Now 10 is performing and running better than 9.5 I would not go back.

Thanks Quietly. I’ll try your suggestion tomorrow morning.

Both are good imo, I would say to report the issue in a support request, with a link to the forum report.

Are you saying Steinberg does not care at all about the issues forum? No analysis, no ticket creation from it?

Steinberg support is not existant for international users, they refer you to the local distributor.